Would like to try Orijen Large Breed Puppy...but:

We have read much about Orijen Large Breed Puppy, but no one sells it in our area. I am forced to buy this product online, due to no availability. Should I take the plunge for 3 1/2 month old Pem? What is the size of the kibble? Is it too large for our young Izzy?
Thanks, for any comments.

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Our 4 month old pem Lucy has been eating Acana Single Protein, Single Grain Lamb and Apple (all life stages) and has been great on it. Acana is the same company as Orijen, so I'd imagine it would be good. The kibble Lucy eats is a small round size and she's been eating it for a month now and it's the only kibble that hasn't given her diarrhea.

Thanks, Jen, for describing the "Orijen" you have been feeding.  Acana is a "Champion product", and here's where I get confused.   It sounds like Acana is the "second tier" of "Orijen offerings".  But, it might work better for Lucy, being less "rich"?    I really don't know, as I have zip experience with "Zip" (aka Pem Izzy & Corgis).   So I very much appreciate your comments. 

The Orijen kibble is small, and our Corgi eats the adult Orijen. Www.chewy.com had good pricing if you need to order online.

Thanks, Bogart-the-Cardigan. I have already checked out chewy.com, but don't know how reliable they are.  I did a lot more Googling, since I posted this question.  Sounds like ALL of the Orijen products may be the same size?  I definitely WILL have to order online, as naddah exists 'round my immediate area. 

Chewy.com is Very reliable, I order food, treats and great toys from them. The UPS man commented recently that he delivers 90 or so boxes from Chewy every week on his route.

Thanks Bogart the Cardigan for your further comments re Chewy.com.  I'm off to bite....err "chew"?

 My sympathies to your busy UPS guy. Pant.

Chewy.com is a great site, they're very popular and I know quite a few people who buy from them :)

We had a lot of trouble with finding a kibble that worked for Lucy. The vet said she may have had residual digestive issues because she came to us with giardia, coccidia, and tapeworms and was on a lot of medication for a long time. She couldn't handle Blue or Merrick, and this Acana was the only one that had all of the protein from one type of animal (no chicken or other animal products other than lamb), as well as steel cut oats which are low glycemic and therefore digest slower. It is also a lower protein than the Blue or Merrick. It's still a 4 star food on dog food advisor, so I'm good with it. Lucy and Linus (our 2 year old corgi) also get some frozen or freeze dried raw patties as snacks and treats.

Good Heavens!  Poor Lucy!  Over the years, we've dealt with coccidia in two puppies, and tapeworms twice (None with Corgis though, as I am a First-Timer with Corgis).  Add on the meds, and poor Lucy's innards were probably pretty "shaken up".  As well as Jen's own well-being?  Sounds like Lucy could not have found a better home. Lucy is likely still alive, due to your good care. I applaud Jen. 

It is certainly possible that some dogs, and other species, sometimes can't handle ultra-high protein diets perhaps.  The thriftier types might not be able to tolerate all high test foods?  I really don't know, though. Having worked with tons of horses all of my life, I have learned that some first-generation European Equine breeds can not be fed like "American steeds".  I guess our dogs, horses, & us,  aren't all created equal.  

Our Izzy seems pretty efficient at metabolizing his present Blue Wilderness kibble, at less than 1.5 cups per day (we do cheat a l'ill bit, with more single kibbles for "lures").  

I ordered a bag of the Orijen Large Breed Puppy today, and we shall see how the product works out for "Junior".  I will continue to look at the Acana line though, as puppy eats a LOT of "extra stuff" outside. A little more fiber to his diet may reduce the amount of Mesquite beans/pods, "horse doo",  and tasty "coyote crappe", that he sucks up each day?  But all pups seem to find their world being vacuum cleaners?   (Note: Coyote poo is a Fave 'round here, for the older Aussies too). 

These Corgi-Zillas DO appear to looooove to eat.  

Thanks for your feedback, as I really have no idea, of how to feed a Pembroke.  Locked in, at this point though, buying the first bag of Orijen Large Breed P.

Orijen is pretty good, as well as Acana.  I would just go ahead and feed the adult because it is almost exactly the same as the large breed.  I don't feed either anymore because it's too expensive with three dogs, plus I didn't really see that much of a difference between grain free and grain inclusive food with my dogs.  Shippo had been on grain free for nearly two years (the others not quite so long so I only use him as a comparison) before I switched to Fromm Gold a few months ago and there hasn't been a change at all.  That's with my dogs though, all dogs are different.

I have fed both adult and puppy (not large breed but the regular puppy) and they are the same, Acana is small enough too.  If you go with Orijen I would do a slow transition since the protein is quite high compared to other food.  I switched over a two week time period and every time I added in the new food, I waited a couple days (or three) before adding in anymore to make sure the stools didn't soften up.  If it ends up being too much, you can switch to Acana which isn't nearly as rich.

Thanks, Shippo, Gidget & Sheldon for the further input.

Izzy has been on an approximate ration of 1/2 Blue Wilderness Puppy, and 1/2 Orijen Large Breed Puppy for four days now, and is tolerating the change over without any issues so far. He gets about a heaping teaspoon of homemade yogurt at each of the three daily feedings.   Izzy likes the Blue Wilderness, and really loooves the Orijen.  These Corgis appear to have amazing appetites!!    Izzy has not been subject to loose stools since we brought him home.  Seems to have a pretty cast iron stomach, with his own "additions" of sticks, etc. He craves mesquite beans, but perhaps this is partly to add additional fiber to his diet?  Heck, I don't know.  Puppies are such Gourmands.  

So far, so good with the Orijen Large Breed Puppy.  Except for the price. Ouch.   Yes, I can see why you don't feed Orijen to three dawgs.  I have also considered Fromm Gold, but have not yet tried it.  Our much older Aussies (2) only get Purina Pro Plan.  They may become jealous?  All three appear to be thriving, although the 7 year old (active) Aussie is getting pretty fat on Pro Plan. 

This is still Trial & Error for me & Izzy. 


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