Ugh, I am on another dog food kick,
So I just read somewhere that Blue Buffalo is making dogs sick, (site was a bit old) but still. Walker has been on Blue for 7 months or so, and he seems happy and healthy. His only issues is he is finicky when it comes to eating and a tad on the slender side. As far as weight goes I am told its cause he is a healthy active pup. So now I am questioning my dog food! Walker is my little universe, and I honestly only want the best for him. So again I am polling opinions on dog food. Is Blue good? Or is there better? Aside from Wellness, I dis like PetCo. and they carry Wellness. (I do like Wellness though) :)
Thanks guys!
Worried Corgi Mama ; )

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This is my main concerned too. My breed recommended Diamond which is not readily available. So we have been using Pro Plan (Chicken). I got the list of recommended food from my vet and he is more concerned about preservatives in the food. I am thinking of switching to either Pro Plan select or Wellness without any apparent reason. I think that I will go with Select first.

I am not sure whether you are aware of this or not but in the main forum site the same topic has been discussed for LONG time (over 150 replies). There are so many different opinions and I haven't finished reading all of them. Why don't you check it out?
Aww thank you I will take a peak !! :) We feed my other 2 dogs Diamond (my husband thinks the world of it) but its not my fav, thats why Walk gets his own! (SPOILED I KNOW)
And again thank you for your thoughts!
I have been using Buffalo Blue and the only time my pup gets sick is when he gets into the German Shepherd's food. I was recommended Buffalo Blue by my vet, he sells science diet but says he wouldn't put his dogs on it. The Buffalo Blue recall was sometime in 2007, which I believe is what you were referring to, due to ANI putting rice protein in the canned food without Buffalo Blue's approval.

I absolutely love it. My corgi has a far shinier coat than our other two dogs; which is making my parents want to switch dog foods. I did a lot of research before settling on a food. I like all of the ingredients on the bag and it doesn't have filler in it.

If you like it, stick with it. The problem I find with online reviews is that any one can post a review. In the end, it is up to you
Good Advice thank you!
One great thing I noticed about feeding Buff, my boy does not shed as bad as other corgis I have been around!
I am probably going to stick with it, as long as I can get a few pounds on him! This whole eating a half cup or so a day is stressful (to me) For the record, he is offered 3 cups.
I give my boy a little extra, but we are very active.

When looking at the reviews, look at grammar and spelling. Usually if they have bad sentence structure and awful spelling, they are normally not trustworthy. Some people just like to troll. Some people attribute it to killing their dog, but how are they sure? I have to tell Wynstan to drop almost every foreign object. A lot of factors go into just reading reviews.

I would talk to your vet about his weight next time and see what a professional says.
I will give her a call and see what her thoughts are, I need to get him weighed any how :) And thats good advice about the trolls thank you!
Vet weighed Walker and says his condition is absolutely perfect! So I guess he is not "that" thin! My vet also said most people tend to let their corgis get to fat, even if its only 3 pounds over weight!
So It was good to hear Walk is excellent as far as body condition goes!
Looking at the pics he does look thin for a Pem. Not emaciated but I would like another couple of pounds on him. You DO want an active, muscular puppy but he looks close in the front to me and like he needs some bulk over his loin as well. Corgis tend to lose weight from the inside out, so they will get that pinched-in-the-front look before their ribs start showing.

Unfortunately, and this is speaking as a breeder, a lot of breeders have the utilitarian view that any food that is good enough and doesn't cost too much is the right food. Diamond is a great example of this - it's hugely popular among breeders because it's cheap as frack without being quite as low-quality as Blue Seal or Dog Chow. But the ingredients are not wonderful and I've never seen a dog I would say was in blooming health on it.

I've fed a raw diet for over a decade, but when the dogs have been on kibble while being boarded or during emergencies, I use Solid Gold or Orijen or Wellness Core or Innova or EVO or Canidae. If they have to be off raw for an extended length of time I mix in Sojos grain-free veggies and raw meat. They DO lose condition on any kibble but they do so less on those brands.
Wow! thank you! My husband thinks I am over reacting, but I know my boy is thin. Sometimes (cause he is so finicky) I have to sit down and hand feed him, because if he(the dog) had it his way a few bites would be enough for him (regardless of what I think) Maybe I will switch to Innova! It is sold at a pet hotel here!
I could never convince my husband to go raw, he already thinks I am insane for spending thirty bucks on a 15# bag of dog food! Maybe I can mix the other dogs Diamond with his blue? Ugh! Maybe its not the Blue, maybe he is just a dainty eater? I Will play with it and see where to take it.
By the way, Joann, I checked out your blog and you are a very talented writer! :) Thank you for your blogs!
I know that this is an old post, but Nibbler eats Blue Buffalo as well. However, when my parent's dog was having some, um, "digestive issues" I helped them pick out a higher protein food that they could mix with their dogs food. They were concerned about giving her too much protein. Anyhow, the food was from EVO, the brand that Joanna mentioned. I was really impressed with the ingredients and I may switch Nibbler over at some point.
Ragnar was on Eukaneuba when we got him, and I disapprove, so I wanted to switch him to something higher quality. I tried Wellness Core 5, and that was good. I bought a bag of a new thing by Merrick called Whole Earth Farms. He really likes it and it has about 7 protein sources and is corn and wheat free. He also gets Merrick canned for dinner--it's human grade food (smells delicious) and comes in interesting flavors with a variety of proteins--and some raw a couple of times a week. I'd really like to have him on 100% raw, but it's not always practical so I figure if he's got a variety of sources of high quality food, it's all good
RAW!!! I wish I could do it! but there are sooo many concerns I have about it! ugh! I have Walker switched to Innova currently, I am beginning to think this boy is just one heck of a picky eater because he turns his nose to this to! thanks for your thoughts! :) I may have to look into Merrick! Walker and his finickiness is wearing me out!


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