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Ehhk i hate worrying

Ok this is more from one dog owner to another more then one corgi owner to another...

See I have had Buffy in my Life since I was in 8th grade thats well over 10 years as im gonna be 24 this summer

She is our Elderly Golden Retriever Mix and I love her to Death

But that is something that is going to litterally Break my heart and im worried about is when she dies.. i know she still has a few good years on her... But from time to time.. i bawl at…


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Oddly enough its been a nasty day... Ace of course doesnt care.. he wants to romp around in the mud and get filthy =) especially since he got a bath the other day...-Sigh- children lol

its cold and rainy typical oregon spring i guess =)

Mom made Ace a couple toys today using Denim from a pair of jeans she is turning into shorts for my neice... Ace of course enjoys anythinghe is allowed to play with =)

In the process of making a video of ace…


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its weird =)

Ace got all hyper because he Heard his food alarm go off so he jumped in my lap .. so we did our normal breakfast feeding and he inhailed his food then immediantly jumped back into my lap.. he has never done this before while im at the computer.. maybe he sensed my blue mood and wanted to make me feel better

I know dogs have one of those extra senses in that area.. it just made me feel good he wanted in my lap instead of killing eeyore like he loves to do so very very very…


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Wow has it really been 2 months?

Time Flies and Puppies Grow~

Sooo Me and Mom were cleaning the livingroom somewhat the otherday and Found a onezee mom had Gotten Ace after I got him =) he was ALOT smaller when we got him.. He outgrew his First Harness and most likely has outgrown his first Collar *managed to lose it in the livingroom somewhere* and Several Puppy clothes mom had gotten him... lol I know ... what a weirdo you dress your dog?

Lol but the Onezee that said woof was to cute to…


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A smile to my Face

I can always count on Ace to cheer me up after something stressful or hurtful happens..

I have never seen him so happy like he was earlier when i pulled Eeyore down off teh shelf .. Eeyore had to be handwashed and left out to dry outside.. Ace was not pleased.. But when there was Blood, Dirt, Slobber and whatever else was on the poor thing it was time he got a Bath.. then after he was done Drying outside i brought him in to let the Squeekers dry the rest of the way since they…


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just one of these days

soo I went over to my friends house to let their Bloodhound outand put him on his run and to take their 3 little dogs out potty well i got inside with the 3 little dogs and tomy Horror something was broken.. I had been using this HUGE baby gate to keep Bear *the Bloodhound* out of the Bathroom where they keep the kitten Billy's food and Bear had been eating Billys food so i used the gate to keep him out... well today to my horror the Gat was broken *catfood was untouched* and i paniced...…


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Excitement! Excitement!

Sooo Im really looking Forward to next week =) me and my friends were talking about Taking a Trip up to Multnomah Falls wednesday before we leave thursday for Seattle i think it would be fun to take Ace up there see his reaction to the waterfall

Well tonight work is being chinsy on hours..

im only going to be there for 2 hours and 45 minutes YAY *not happy*

on a good note... my want that i was having so badly towards that pup last night has subsided.. i…


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Smile on my face

Nothing i like more then walking down the street with ace and people pulling their cars over to ask questions =) as well as finding out they too own Corgis..

it makes me smile and feel proud hearing ace be complimented vs him getting talked down about because he is small... Pocket corgi is perfect for me =) so what if your 9 week old pups are bigger then my 14 week old pup.. nothing is wrong with small am i right?

But yes i love walking down the street and hearing…


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Oh No!

Lord help me... I have found a buddy that i wish I could get for Ace they call him Blu because he has one Blue Eye and one brown

The problem is we dont have room for him... x.x;; its driving me sooooo Crazy lol Im a sucker for Strange i guess one would say... I adopted my Current Male cat because he had an Outy belly button when he was a kitten lol and i have always wanted to adopt a three legged dog... i guess its because im Different…


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Well its now COunt down time, =) my trip to Seattle is coming and im goign to go stir crazy since ace isnt coming -tears up-

But good news is he is going to my friends house, They have a Chihuahua named Starlet that ace just loves to torment and they also have a new 8 month old Rat terrier mix named Abby =) so in all hopes im hoping that Ace behaves himself and that my friends Dad does not spoil him x.x;;; i left for 4 hours last time i was out there and came home to a Corgi…


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=) Again again

So i think imma be scrap booking with Ace as my Muse lol he just lost the same tooth just on the opposite side =D doing the same thing last time and thats tug o war lol poor eeyore needs a bath.. and ace's hole is bigger now lol =) little dork went back to digging after i had just given him another bath x.x;; oh well thats life lol =D

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So i been working on a few Tricks with ace and am very proud of how smart the little guy is =)

He came knowing sit and with in a few days i taught him laydown with tiny hot dog tid bits.. since at the time we didnt have chicken bits and he wouldnt do the tricks with a regular puppy treat

I taught him Stay with meal time so now he sits and stays and waits till i tell him its ok to eat.. i feel guilty for it because i feel if its meal time its meal time but i was told…


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Good evening all

Well I uploaded all the pics of ace i took the last couple days

I was gonna upload a few vids buuuuut >.>; it says the files are too big x.x;

Oh well i was thinking of uploading them to youtube and posting them that way =)

i have to be up early tomorrow to head up to my friends house to take care of the pets lol i have to be at work at the normal time im usually over there

Ace and i slept till noon today we played so hard yesterday lol and im…


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I swear im dumb sometimes XD

sooooo apparently i cant count, Ace is gonna be 5 months old this month not six like i thought... I wonder why i was trying to make hima month older then he was lol

oh well =) gives me an extra month i guess lol maybe

speaking of little killer i tuckered him out hard core last night.. ran him rugged, had him chasing eeyore all over the place, he dug a hole and he got a bath and ran spazztastically around the house lol came 10 o clock last night both him and me…


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So im barrowing my sister in laws camera and am having fun taking pics of ace he is being wakey lol i think he is energetic hopefully if this keeps up when we go on the car ride up to my friends house he will pass out in the booster seat again lol

got some really cute pics of boose (ace) and my niece together he really loves kids =)

I get the day off tomorrow so imma take him to the park and let him loose =) and take pics etc etc =)

eeyore needs a bath…


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Here it comes!

YAY! lol so i was playing tug-o-war with eeyore and ace and Ace tugged really hard on the eeyore and i see this white thing fall out and little blod spots on Eeyore my first reaction is O.O! and i rushed over to him and opened his mouth sure enough that tooth is gone and i have one of his Baby teeth :D im so happy i thought he would swallow them all but nooo i got a baby tooth =) just cleaning him up now and gonna soak the tooth then put it in a treasure box where i got my cat's baby teeth…


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a Little bit of something

Well my brother is working again THANK GOD lol i love him to pieces but him sitting on his bum playing videogames or watching tv or sleeping all day for the past year has drove me up the wall.. i work hard even if it isnt lifting steel and stuff im just glad he is working, soon his buddy will be working there too hopefully =)

but that means Nick looses his play buddy while im at work which is fine =) mom and Dad had him pretty entertained while i was gone for 4 hours today =)…


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Hey all

well Ace lost that tooth... I dont know what he lost it in or where he lost it but he lost it .. but the tooth right below it is loose now.

His balance has gotten better, he now sits Pretty =) its so cute~ <3

He went for his first ride outside the kennel in the car he told me he does not like the booster seat or the harness lol whined during the whole car ride because he wanted to sit next to me.

Im currently pet sitting right now so i have to drive back and…


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Im excited

Well I noticed it last night but forgot to mention it~

Ace is my frist puppy, I mean i have had dogs but ace is my first puppy we usually get dogs from the humane society or we are given them (or inherit them) but ace is my first puppy so bare with me over my silly moments of Excitement lol

So i noticed yesterday that Ace has his first loose Tooth! lol its the tooth closest to his right fang =) i know its silly getting excited over a silly little tooth but i AM excited…


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another Trip

Just got home from the VA

So many people were pleased to see Ace today, the one man inmy dads ward has a heart condition from what my mom told me and i let him pet and love on Ace today, he told me i dont realize it but having Ace there was the best thing for him. He said having a dog matters and just petting him made him feel good, then there was also the Elderly man across from my dad, he lives in assited Living from what im told and he wasnt doing to well, He told me he was a dog…


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