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So went down to Lebanon, OR for memorial day weekend just got home.. Ace had a BLAST with his cousin pug Bebe they played so hard we had to seperate them so bebe could get some air LOL they had a grand ol time chasing tennis balls ad each other

had a BBQ yesterday hot dogs and hamburgers~ yum

Ace was a dream and was very well behaived though he HATED being in his kennel when we had to get supplies... and he whined and cried i felt like a horrible person.. he…


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So close Im so excited! Tomorrow Ace and I leave for Southern Oregon~ About Springfield/Eugene Area =D

Im so excited I have my weekend bag packed and now searching for a bag to put ace's toys/blankets etc in LOL... he is so spoiled i swear!

ugh so ready to leave! My body has a spring in it!

I got laundry pretty much done and Ace's stuff is so nice smelling i think imma give hima bath tonight so he wont stink up the bedding LOL!

Im so excited!…


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Pack pack pack~!

laundry laundry laudry! Pack pack pack!


So ace and I are doing our laundry *as well as mom and dads*

Then we are packing up for tomorrow~!

my brother wont be amused to find he has to take 2 kennels with him... we have Ace's sleeping kennel and Ace's Travel kennel.. i know im weird he has 2 but his travel kennel is smaller *still big* but his sleeping one folds in on itself to make for easy transfer... and Ace KNOWS the difference…


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Let the Warping commence~

Ace just got a bath... and im ALWAYS amused at how hyper he gets after he gets a bath... zooming around the house a million mph a minute...

Getting excited for memorial day weekend~

My brothers coming to get me and Ace for the weekend... im so excited~ i been feeling really depressed lately... Ace of course puts a smile on my face... But im still in my early twenties and just want to be OUT of the house for more then a day... hanging with people my own age and going…


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Today was a very eventfilled day

Took Buffy to the Groomers -golden retriever mix needs to be shaved for hot summers lol- Ace rode along... though he did NOT like the fact he had to stay int he car while we went and got Taco Bell.. though he did enjoy his -flavored- water probably had a hint of lemonade or something LOL...

was out and about this afternoon waiting for buffy to get done.. We got to see her FLuffed before the shave... but i had to go ome early to get ready for…


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I think its a case of the weather with Ace and his food, the last couple days have been rather hot today is aside... my brothers friend Nick is trying to convince me ace has reached the age that he knows when he is full but im sensing otherwisesince he goes for me dropping food... if not ill get some doggy flavoring for his food with my next check and see what we do from there =)

Buffy on the other hand has switched and thinks she is a corgi now and must be fed all the time LOLcaught… Continue

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Somethings wrong

Ace is active like normal, Eats ice cubes and treats but just doesnt want his food.. we have had this food for over a month now and suddenly he just refuses to eat... he only eats when i coax him to... Im starting to worry.... Our older Dog buffy did that at one point but that was when the food was stale... but i just bought this bag last month it cant be stale could it? i mean he eats it but seems kind of put down by whats in his bowl.. he gets all excited then looks at it like "aww again?"… Continue

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So as most readers of my silly blogs have heard I have an elderly almost 1 year old Golden Retriever mix named Buffy.. Well buffy is what we refer to as a 'Social Eater' Prefering to eat with us as her company.. not always.. but usually she will take her kibble and drag it out from the kitchen to where ever we are (i.e: living room, computer room..)

Well today i had been coaxing ace into his brand new Puppy pool with his absolute 2 favorite things.. Eeyore and Ice Cubes.. Well…


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Another day~

I dunno if its just because he is clumsy butAce has hurt both his front paws/legs recently.. I mean he is fine now but sometimes he will limp like he hurt himself... So today he was limping slightly when we got up i was like "Walk it off Ace" Advice i have always gotten for twisting my ankles *proned to doing so* So he hobbled along for a bit then Scrappy excited him so he ran after.. so i figure its not to terrible.. so as payment when mom gets back on Tuesday Im going to ask her if she…


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So just got home from taking buffy to the Doctors.. Oh i am so releived turns out it is just a case of worms.. she probably got it from when she had fleas got it all taken care of and she seems fine... im so relieved oh boy i could cry ^_^

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Help pray

I know Ace seems to be my number one.. But he is actually #3 in the household.. I do not play favorites with my dogs.. But.. Right now my attention is set on Buffy... I came home from work an hour and a half ago to being bitched out by my brothers friend because he had to clean up after her... look she is not your dog i understand we all do.. if you dont want to clean it up then DONT.. but if you do DO NOT yell at me for it.. Im sorry i didnt let her out to go potty before work.. you were…


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So Tomorrow is going to be a Busy day...

Taking Ace with me -of course =)-

First Stop is work its a puny shift but its hours 11-1:30pm, while there i will pick up my Check from work and there i go home, hopefully by then Nick is back -brothers friend- then He and Ias well as Ace will hit the Vet, There i will pick up meds for our Elderly dog Buffy as well as her shot exemption and the shot records of Ace and Scrappy (brothers big Softie Pitty) from there.. The Humaine…


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Dum di di DUM!

So a few days have past since my little worry attack.. Ace's paw/leg is just fine... So i guess it was a minor sprain.. thank god =) Gonna take him for a walk here in a little im sure he will love that LOL.. might head to the pet store and snoop see if they have anything els interesting i could get for the munchkin LOL

So my friend went all grumpy on me the other day, Supposedly Ace has the same nicknames as her dogs... and im trying my hardest to think of them but the only…


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Ok Im panicing... I was cuddled up in my recliner -not feeling to well- when Buffy -our Old Lady Retriever mix- Whimpered and whined, of course this means.. I have to go potty Sissy... So i get up -dreading it since i dont feel well- and Ace -who was sleeping in my lap-Sprang from my lap... I didnt notice anything when i walked to the door but its raining outside and he just stands there one paw up.. i still think nothing of it and tell the dogs to go potty... Ace just stands there looking… Continue

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When Kitties Attack

So yesterday i took Ace for a Long walk all over town with my Friends Izzy and Chelz.. then went back over to their house to hang.. they have a Big Tux Boy (cat) Named Frankie and we know he doesnt like dogs.. Well Ace did a pretty good Job ignoring him and Frankie stalked around the living room making noises of Dis approval.. and when Ace got a little Rambuncious Frankie let him know by chasing him all over the house, Yakisoba noodles and Mocha Iced Coffie flying every which way and Ace got…


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