I know there are many different size corgis out there but, my guy seems very very tiny for an almost 11 week old corgi. Hes been home almost two weeks and hasnt gained any at his two vet visits. He gets a half cup of moistened food three times a day and seems to eat prettywell. Im trying not to worry about his size, but would love some advice from those that ar more knowledge of the corgi breed. 

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If he is bouncy and happy and the vet isn't worried, he is most likely fine!

Looks healthy and happy to me! His coat is shiney and slick, too. All good signs.

I agree with what the others have said.  If he is eating good, playing and being happy and the vet hasn't said anything then I wouldn't worry.  Just like kids, they will grow at their own rate.

What does the vet say? I'd not be so concerned with the absolute weight, as with the fact that he's not gaining. They usually grow pretty fast at this stage.

I worry that we've had him for almost three weeks and havent't seen any weight gain. he seems bouncing happy and doesn't look "too thin" I dont think he's just not growing. His vets response was "well I guess hes fine" which didn't give me the most cofidence that it is ok.

Has he been dewormed? He really should be gaining at this age, but if he is playful and eats well and you aren't seeing any vomiting or diarrhea I wouldn't start worrying just yet. First thing I would do though is a routine de-wormer and send in a poop sample to test for intestinal parasites. 

If he's already been checked out by the vet I'd just try feeding him more.

If he's healthy and happy and the vet isn't worried I wouldn't either. He is adorable and might be using up his food if he has lots of energy and playtime. I'm assuming he has been wormed?

He is super cute.  My girl was only 6.2 lbs. at 10 weeks and 7.2 lbs. at 13 weeks so I wouldn't be super worried about his size.  I was actually glad Foxy turned out to be petite.  At almost a year she's 21 lbs.


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