Teddy my 14 year old rescue has started itching after going potty in the grass. We moved this winter but for the last month or so I have noticed this after he goes potty in our yard. The grass is different than what we had in the country and there he would usually go further away from the house where many times he'd not even be on the actual lawn. I am thinking it's a different grass? 

Today I tried Benadryl but wonder if I could give a children's liquid and a smaller dose? Maybe then repeat it in 12 hours? I have some for the grandkids so I could try it.

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If the Benadryl works then you know it's an allergy and you can ask the vet for something different to keep him on.   I think the dosing is 1 mg per pound of body weight.  Much higher doses are safe but dehydrating and sedating.   

Thanks Beth, I think you are correct with the dosing. I'm keeping a close watch on him and using only if it seems bad. I use to use this but haven't had to (except for Wynn and his stitch pulling out  then we did use to sedate him more per my vet).

I think there's a children's version of Benadryl. Also, you can buy the stuff in tablets ("caplets") or in capsules. With the tablets, you can cut the thing in half.

The stuff knocks me into the middle of next week, so I take half a tablet and find it works just as well as a whole pill for the allergy symptoms and it doesn't create the zombie effect. Possibly this would be true for a dog? Maybe try .5 mg per pound??

Once had a doberman that was allergic to Bermuda grass (among other things). Is that what the stuff is? In some parts of the country it's called devil grass; Australians call it Couch grass. It dies back in the winter. If the property is your place rather than a rental, maybe you can get rid of the stuff. Here are some ways to kill it without having to use Roundup: http://www.sunset.com/garden/earth-friendly/how-to-remove-bermuda-g...

Some years later, I adopted a German shepherd whose belly was chronically bald from her scratching, supposedly (said the former owner) because she was allergic to Bermuda grass. At one point, for reasons i forget today, I switched her from Purina dog kibble, which she was used to eating, to Science Diet...and LO! Her belly hair grew in and she stopped itching. Is there any chance you could be looking at some other allergen?

It could very well be the grass, our female wolfhound had problems with it especially with the grass pollen.  Max had seasonal allergies, same as mine.  He was worse from mid August till the first frost, mold was the culprit.  He weighed 35 pounds and the vet put him on 1 Benadryl twice a day for that time frame.  When he started on them he would get sleepy but as the time went on he got over the sleepiness from it.  I would just toss the capsule into his breakfast and dinner.  Vet said store brand, such as Walgreen's version, was perfectly fine.  They tolerate much higher doses than humans do.

Thanks Linda, 

I was afraid due to his age that it made him too groggy. I will start with a 1/2  when I need it again. I know when Wynn ripped his stitches open after his neuter (3 times...once right in front of the vet...he had to take 2 and wear a collar...naughty boy!

I also added Kefir to his diet. He loves it and it's good for him!

You can try this too. Look for a local honey made from what grows in your area. It would be something you'd give daily starting at about 1/2 tsp and build up to a full teaspoon.

I have started giving this along with the contents of a bee pollen and royal jelly capsule and I think it is working for my Corgi girl. I will know for sure next spring when our local pollen really kicks in.

Wonderful idea Terry. Thanks! Since we moved last winter I will have to check out the local honey but I know there is some. I would rather do the honey than give a pill.


Might want to check with the vet about that: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2...

Also, honey can contain potentially deadly pathogens. That's why you're not supposed to use it in hummingbird feeders (http://faq.gardenweb.com/discussions/2766159/can-i-use-honey-instea...) or give it to babies (http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/infant-and-toddler-heal...).

Saber takes half a Claratin pill daily under the vet's directions.

Thanks Angela!


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