Steve's allergy is really bad this year & nothing seems to help.  Since 3months ago he's been licking and biting his front paws raw.  Wiping his paws after going outside and applying hotspot spray (tried various brands), Benadryl all didn't help.  I switched his food from Lotus Lamb to Orijen Regional Red 2months ago thinking the grain-free food will help but it hasn't.  Still no change after a month so I took him to the vet who said his paws are pretty bad and it's most likely airborne/environmenal allergies and he was presribed Prednisone.  I wasn't thrilled giving Steve steroids but I'd at least try the dose given over 10 days if it'll give him relief.  I noticed a difference overnight (no more licking noises to keep me awake at night) and it helped for 5 days but then the licking started again (ugh!).

2weeks ago I got him a soft cone to prevent the licking and allow his paw to heal and grow fur again.  When I do take off the cone I apply either the hotspot spray or cortisone cream and put newborn baby socks or mittens on his feet.  As soon as I take off the socks he's back to licking/biting his paws.  I then thought the licking was a behavioral issue but the vet said it's allergies so the next thing to do is start testing what exactly he's allergic to but it may take a long time for the conclusion.

So, here I am asking my fellow corgi parents if you've tried anything that helped lessen or rid of the allergies outside of taking steroids.

Here's a picture of Steve wearing the comfy cone (you can see the red right front paw).  He likes wearing it but I feel bad he has to wear it all the time.

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Oh poor boy! Could it be something in the house? I wish I could be of some help BUT other than gooey eyes mine don't have this problem! Good luck!
Thanks Jane. I'm hoping it's not something in the house but it doesn't hurt to take a closer look. I too have allergies, especially to dust and it's funny when Steve and I both sneeze at the same time...LOL.
Aber used to get contact dermatitis on his belly in the fall and spring and the vet was not eager to put him on steroids because of possible further weight gain. For what it's worth, I started giving him a capsule of vitamin e every day on his food and, for a while since I had it around, evening primrose oil as well. I don't know if the primrose helped more, but if I started with the E before he started itching, there was absolutely no problem. If I didn't remember until he got red, his allergy was far less severe. So, I just started doing it year round so I wouldn't forget. I also tried olive oil on his dinner to try for the same effect and it really didn't work as well. I'd give the E a try. Poor little guy looks so sad in his collar :)
Thanks for sharing your experience with E. I'm going to try it and hope to get favorable results like Aber.
When you mentioned steriods and weight gain, I had an A-HA moment. Steve gained couple pounds in the last month and half even though he's been on a diet. It's probably due to the meds.....
I am so sorry to hear that :( Since you've already ruled out food allergens, the only thing you can do is increase the vacuum frequency and steam clean the entire house, make sure the cleaning solution is pet friendly. Always use a damp cloth to wipe Steve down after an outing.

I see that you're in California, here are the top pollen allergy producing weed in your area: (Apr - Nov)
Careless Weed
False Ragweed
English Plantain
Marsh Elder
Yellow Dock
Lambs Quarter

My wife and I are allergy sufferers, we used the 3M Filtrete Ultra Quiet Air Purifier with great result. So good that I no longer wheeze and only use the inhaler outdoor.

I don't like prednisone at all, like you said, it makes you gain weight, puffy face and groggy. However, if the situation is really that bad, it does reduce the sensitivity, scratching and allow the wounds to heal. Short term use is okay, I felt like a zombie while on it. Get well soon Steve!

Good luck!
Thanks for the info Sam.
I've been looking for an air purifier but haven't been able to decide which one to get (soo many choices out there!). I hope Steve and I can find something that works.....
We picked the 3M model because of a few things:

1. The price is cheaper than most other brand and models in the market
2. You can purchase the refill - filter in any walmart / target, it is way cheaper than other brand and model.
3. The unit can be purchase from walmart / target / bestbuy, it is cheaper than most brand
4. The unit is very quiet and does have 3 selectable dials to control the strength of the fan
5. The amount of air that goes through the unit compared to others
6. 3M filters are good, compare it with other brands

You can always try it first and decide if you want to keep it or return it later.
Poor Steve! We went through a very tough time with Sparty when he was about 2. He tore himself up pretty good and had several bouts with Pred. before we finally took him in for allergy testing. they shaved his side and did the pin prick test. In spite of the vet saying they rarely see corgis with allergies Sparty was allergic to almost everything: House dust,dandelions, thistle, fleas etc. We give him an allergy shot once a month and once or twice a year he needs additional help with prednisone. It has been about 9 years now and he is otherwise pretty healthy. The serum costs about $150 twice a year and I really do not know how much the test would cost now days but it was worth it. We would have probably had to put him down otherwise and I can not even imagine that! Good luck with Steve and don't rule out having him tested once you have gone through the standard eliminations.
my boy is having the same problem right now. he even had to have some spots of fur shaved so that i could apply anti-itch antibiotic ointment to his skin (he's scratched himself so raw, that he got skin infections). i've got him on Acana pacifica (made by the same company that makes orijen) and supplement the kibble with Primal raw nuggets. I've also unfortunately had to put him back on prednisone. i hate giving it to him, but it makes him feel so much better. i also have had great success with an herbal supplement called Health Concerns Skin Balance (See for info and reviews on the product). I just started him back on this (had him off it the last month or so) and have also decided to try a new supplement called Superfood Super Immunity Powder ( ). I just started him on this a couple days ago, so i haven't seen much of a difference yet, but it seems that many people have had great success with this product as well. You can also give him extra omega oils (fish, flax, hemp, ect.). Just remember that any new food, herbal supplement or omega oils you decide to try, will take a couple days to a couple weeks for you to see results. Good Luck from both myself, and my itchy little boy Daxter!!!
Thanks everyone. I appreciate you sharing your experience and you provided great suggestions.
The licking/biting is only on his paws. Started with the whole upper front right paw but when I put baby socks on it (with vetwrap of course) he started on his othe paws but it's no where near raw as the front right paw. I did notice some pinkness in the area right under his nose and he'd rub it on the floor or grass at times. No other itching/scratching/biting and his ears are clean and smell fine.
Once I try a few more things and it doesn't work I'll take him in for the allergy test.
Thanks again.
I have a corgi her allergies are so bad it took me 5 years to get her spade because the Vet would not do the surgery until she was completely clear of skin infections for fear it would end up internal. This is what I found helps and it keeps her clean and no hotspots. You have to bath him once a week until cleared up than you can cut it down to twice a month. Get the dial liquid anti-bactrial soap we use to wash our hands you can get it in a bag and also pick up a bottle of each Mane and Tail Shampoo and conditioner. Wash your baby in the dial and you have to leave it on for 5 minutes and make sure you really clean the infected area with it. Rinse well than wash with the mane and tail than put on the conditioner. Because the dial will dry out their skin you want to make sure you use the mane and tail leaving the conditioner on for at least 5 minutes. Our Cali had such bad sores they bleed badly leaving large open holes and her skin smelled really bad. We spent $1000 of dollars at 5 different vets on all kinds of creams and steroids and all it did is make her fat. They wanted me to put her down so at desperation we started buying all kinds of over the counter meds at the phamacy for jock itch, athletes foot, ring worm well you get the picture. So we have tried it all. Give it a shot what do you have to lose.
Ask your vet if he'd be willing to prescribe Singulair. It's an incredibly safe, non steroidal treatment for allergies that is used in even very young children. I didn't do an extensive search, but it looks like it's been used in dogs. It doesn't work as well as steroids, but has far fewer side effects, is non-drowsy, and can be used with an antihistamine, because it's a different class of drug. If your little guy got better with prednisone, it certainly could be allergies causing the problem, but could also be some other type of inflammatory disorder. It might also not hurt to see a veterinary dermatologist.


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