Does anyone else think their Corgi is half-cat? Mine behaves and moves a lot like a cat, especially when chasing small bugs/flies, or when rolling over on his back to play or sleep...

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Paisley knew she didn't have a tail and wanted theirs! xD
yep, we got the cat thing going on too! Both Edward and Gemima will even climb up tree limbs that are close to the ground. Yesterday Gem cornered a chipmunk in our drainspout! Ours even try to MEOW when they wake up in the morning!
Yep, ours too. If we let them they will be up on the back of the couch walking back and forth in front of the windows just like the cats do. They also play with toys by themselves much like the cats do. They will throw their toys in front of them and then pounce on it, repeat, repeat, repeat. Oh ... AND they like to eat catnip ... Chapin will try to climb up the different levels of the cat tower to get to any catnip up there after she has hoovered the floor.
Duncan will stalk his sister, Chloe sometimes; but that's the only cat like action he does. He is more a like a bull in a china shop dog. Insists on finding the smallest opening, and pushing his way through.
Tucker likes to climb up on the back of the couch too! Didn't know if he learned that from my cats or if that was a corgi thing. He likes to lay on the cushion right behind where I am sitting though. He also is surprisingly skilled at jumping onto things for those little legs - also catlike. Loves running up and down steps - any we pass on our walk he likes to check out. The other day he was chasing ants on the patio and batting at them then throwing them with his mouth so he can chase them again. He wants to be frends with my cats so bad - tries to get them to play with him. They are coming around but not quite there yet.
Shayleigh also sits on the arms or the back of the couch. Its not only cat-like, I can't believe she can make it up there!
We call our corgi a cat-dog because of how he chases balls and pounces on them like a cat.
I posted a video of Tucker trying to blend in with the cat on the couch. He didn't do so well - didn't even get up on the back cushion. I think he was trying to be gentle & not disturb the kitty. Definitely looked like an awkward corgi rather than a cat but he tried. He wants to be friends with them so bad.
A couple of my corgis act like a cat with the couch sitting and throwing toys but my young cat acts more like a corgi than a can see his pic with the corgis an my page...he's even almost the right color! Yes he's a strange cat and doesn't have the attitude my other cats do he wants to play rough and tumble like the corgis!
YES! Domino does the paw-swipe thing sometimes when we're playing; it reminds me of the cats I grew up with, it's hilarious!

She also likes to lick. It's weird but she loves to lick ears and feet. I don't even know...

And It's so fun to watch her corner flies by the sliding glass door.
Addie eats like a cat. If you offer her a treat, she'll sniff it first and make a couple of tentative licks, play with it for a little while and then take dainty little bites. She doesn't inhale it in one big bite like Oodie. Addie also perches herself in front of her food bowl like a cat while she eats. Corgies are so weird.

YES! I thought I had the only Corgi that herds flies!  She's also coloured just like yours.  Winnie has a major jonesing about cats......she watches and squeals when she sees the neighbours' cat.  Her cat buddy passed last winter and I think I"m going to have to shop for a kitten....hope she doesn't pull an "ALF" on it.


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