Anyone have experience with Deer Antlers for Chewers???

I saw a post on here for someone who is now using deer antlers as a chew toy. My questions are:

Wouldn't that damage their teeth?

If I get some straight from the source, is there anything I have to do to it? I mean like boil it, or dip it in gravy... I have no idea? Is there any prep work I guess?

Morgan is driving me INSANE with his chewing, and at this point I would try anything.

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I ordered Tucker deer antlers from -

These are all natural and unprocessed. He really loves them. They are supposed to be good for their teeth. They are softer than bones so less likely to splinter or to chip their teeth. We ordered two and he has had them for over a month now and he still chews them.

When I received the antlers it said to wash them off but no boiling or anything like that. You don't need the gravy because the antlers have marrow in them which the dogs like enough without added flavor.

These things don't smell bad and don't stain the carpet which it a plus!! Hopefully Morgan will like them :)
Thanks for the advice. I wish I had known. My father has so many hunter freinds, I could probably get a bunch in a bucket. When you want thru the woods, you find them on the ground. Deer shed their antlers every year and grow new ones in the Spring. Deer farms can collect the antlers with out hurting the deer, it is a win win situation. Best of all, its free!
Deer antlers are wonderful chews and Dax loves them! We usually order them but my mom got some from my uncle who hunts. All we did was cut them into pieces about 4 or 5 inches long, wash them, and grind off any sharp points (I just scraped them on the concrete), and let him go at it. I would recommend washing with soap and water, but make sure you rinse them well. Boiling would probably do the trick as well. Either way they'll love them. I thought at first that they might break their teeth, but despite some worrying crunch sounds, Dax's teeth are perfectly fine.
This is where I buy Gibson's

They are great! Very natural, no odor, digestible, and dogs LOVE the marrow inside! :)
We buy ours from Peak too! Great prices and they are wonderful chewies. They sure don't smell like bully sticks do, and they cost less and last a LOT longer.
Thanks for posting this! I've been wondering the same thing. Conan loooooves to chew but can break cow hooves into pieces so we don't buy them and he just doesn't get the same effect from a kong or another indestructible rubber toy. We'll have to get some!
I know I've said this somewhere else, but Eddy hated his antlers. He never chews them. Meh!
So I've asked some hunters if they get some small antlers and don't want them if I can have I need to do anything with them or treat it just like a raw bone???
I wondered about damage to teeth as well. I didn't realize they were softer than bone. Does this make it ok for them to swallow should they bite off a small piece? We let Finn have a bone that has lasted him about 6 months now. It's pretty indestructable but the other day he finally broke a small piece off so I took it away since the piece had sharp edges and seemed unsafe to swallow. Do antlers not do this?
Dax has never broken any pieces off, but I would take it away from them if they do. Like you said, if it's sharp, it could definitely be harmful for them to swallow.
Hmm, maybe we'll give it a try. If it were to come apart in shavings or tiny ships it would be ok, but anything larger than a grain of rice which could potentially be sharp I would be wary of.
Others asked what you do to the antlers to make them ready, Im wondering if older antlers are bad. My father has antlers from over 30 years of hunting and im sure he would part with some smaller ones. if there are some 5 or 10 years old is this bad because they would be drier? or is an antler an antler? I just got my first buck last weekend but Im not gonna part with those.


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