Anyone have experience with Deer Antlers for Chewers???

I saw a post on here for someone who is now using deer antlers as a chew toy. My questions are:

Wouldn't that damage their teeth?

If I get some straight from the source, is there anything I have to do to it? I mean like boil it, or dip it in gravy... I have no idea? Is there any prep work I guess?

Morgan is driving me INSANE with his chewing, and at this point I would try anything.

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dailycoyote sells hers when she finds them

unsure how old they are but apparently her coyote loves them and the ones she tosses online gets bought like hotcakes. 20 of em lasted only 4 hours online one night.
Not really sure what (if anything) you'd have to do to an antler straight from the source. We got ours as a gift, and Leeloo absolutely LOVES it! It has lasted much longer than pretty much anything else we've gotten for her to chew on.
Coming from an avidly hunting family I can answer a few questions here. Deer antlers will get more brittle with age so I would steer clear of the known older ones.

My family has given the dogs antlers for years and none of our dogs have ever managed to break them, including a Siberian, a pit, and a pit mix.
My guys love the straight sections of 100% natural elk antler sheds which I purchased on line also. We got one with a nifty handle on it which Tasha likes to carry from room to room.
Nutmeg is 2 weeks into her antler affair. She is totally enamored! Everyone who is afraid..DONT BE. They are loud when she tosses it on the tile...but much more affordable than anything else I have tried.
Well, my friend just gave me some last night. Freya loves it! I washed my in hot water and scrubbed it and soaped it. Maybe soaping was a bad idea...I wish they would mention how to sterilize them for consumption.

The antlers I received had a lot of dirt caked on it...I figured the scrubbing would make the marrow part a little closer to possibly entice the pups.

I'll have to start buying more when these are gone. From what I read, it is supposed to be powdery and that is why it's better than raw hides or other bones cause it doesn't break into slivers. Plus...vitamins and minerals!

I hate buying bully sticks (not so much for the smell) because for the price it never last very long.
Yea bully sticks we maybe once or twice a year now or when a friend gives us some :) We usually get some from the grandparents lol.

Though its hard because Charlie is the chewer and Roxi just sorta chews/likes more chewy things.

My only problem with the antlers is I dunno if it was because Roxi was chewing it too fast or if she had a reaction to it but she got sick after chewing hers for a while and urped up everywhere.

While Charlie chewing on the same thing was completely fine. So its hard to try to limit one dog while allowing the other to go to town haha.
Petexpertise is having a sale on antlers right now! Might be a good time to stock up.
I got the medium size antlers and my two corgis chew them. I find it interesting that both preferred to chew only on one of the antler, even though I got 2 antlers, one for each of them. One is half chewed and the other one is hardly chewed after a month.
I don't think they do anything to antlers before selling them in stores, so I guess you can use them straight.
They do not damage teeth. It's just like a bone, but a bit harder on the outside. The inside is softer and usually gets worn out faster, you can see like a dent after time.
Shiro always had one and boy does he love this thing. We bought medium size a couple times, they last for about 2 months, but if Morgan is a chewer he might finish it in 1 month. Get a Monster size, those will last forever.
For those who've tried the antlers, would you say they'd be good for a teething puppy? He likes rawhide and the bully sticks--which I agree are wicked expensive and, while the puppy takes forever to actually work one down, Aber inevitably steals it from him and gobbles it right up and I might as well have just set fire to $6 for all it lasts him!
I have tried the antlers...Our first corgi Tucker would chew them right down. I would throw them away if they got small enough to swallow. One antler he had he broke a rather large splinter off and that was the end of the antlers for Tucker. I don't think a puppy under maybe 5-6 months could power chew and break a tooth or a piece off the antler. If you opt to give an antler I would watch very closely :)


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