So my daily routine is to wake up, go shower, get dressed and ready to leave, put lotion on, then take the dogs out to go potty. While I do all this the dogs are still passed out on my bed or on the floor of my room. I guess they have learned to associate lotion with going out because now when I pump the lotion bottle, the dogs will leap up and bolt to the door with waggy tails and smiles. I know its typically to see this behavior when you pick up leashes and things like that but its amusing to see it in response to me putting on lotion. Have your dogs learned to respond to weird things in your daily routine? 

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o yes:) teddy knows that when i straighten my hair it means i will be out for a few hours so he knows he gets his giant raw hide bone to chew along with his kongs. he goes right over where i keep them and waits and then when i pick them up he darts right into his cage(he loves his crate lol) if i just put my hair up he knows that he gets a small treat and dosnt get excited lol dogs are so weird:P
At the end of each night when we hit the remote to turn off the tv, Lance knows it is bedtime and he gets up as soon as he hears the click and goes upstairs.
The minute my purse goes on the counter and I gather my keys and cell phone...Bella does a kibble dance in hopes that this means she get to go with me and see a cat that she loves to follow around...she is so funny because usually she is laid back and mellow but this is one thing that really gets her going!
Us humans are so predictable, lol.
Ella knows my alarm in the morning means she will be having breakfast. She will stare at me until I get up and then she runs right to her food dish. Once our son Eric has his breakfast she will sit by her leash and wait for us to take her out.
Night time + Eric + brushing teeth + herd him to bed = walk for Ella (she actually gets excited when he brushes)
Poop bags = walk
Pink canvas tote = car ride (we keep her travel stuff in it)
Bottom drawer = treat
Haha, I love all these stories. I just remembered another one: When we're in the car and I stop, the dogs don't react, but as soon as they hear me shift the car into park they go nuts because they know they're about to get out. I'm glad they know the difference between just stopping at lights and signs and actually parking, otherwise they'd be so distracting in the car
I forgot one also...alarm goes off and Wynn body slams me with his whole back side! Everyone comes up on the bed for morning pets and they try to get licks in also! Potty and food time!
Frosty knows that the last trip outside at night (at approximately midnight) means he gets to chase his laser pointer. We always run him with the laser pointer up and down the yard for a good 15 minutes before we go to bed. As soon as we go outside at this time, he runs around to the front of the porch and then stares at the same spot on the ground with his tail wagging a mile a minute, just waiting for it. But any other time we go outside, he ignores us and goes about his own business.
This is Frosty 2 minutes after we came inside tonight lol!!

I don't know how Guinness can tell time, but he knows that dinnertime is 8:00. He sleeps under our bed a lot, so we don't see him much. But if that clock hits 8:02 and he doesn't hear the mud-room closet door open, he'll come out into the living room and stare us down til he gets his dinner. Also he knows if the hall closet opens, he's getting a cookie.
Oh, I remembered another one. Guinness could be dead asleep on the other side of the house, but if I walk towards the stairs that go to the basement, he'll come tearing across the tile floor to go down there with me. I don't know why he likes to go down there every time I do, but he loves it for some reason.
hahaha missy does this too!
Milly stands in front of the cupboard when we put a movie in the player. She is always barking at the tv during a movie that I was giving her a "surprise" (that's the trigger word) , a rawhide that she chews while we watch a movie. It wasn't until my daughter pointed out that I was reinforcing bad behaviour with a treat that I realized it was a mistake! It works though:) Also, she runs to the window to "say goodbye" when she sees my work bag.


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