So my daily routine is to wake up, go shower, get dressed and ready to leave, put lotion on, then take the dogs out to go potty. While I do all this the dogs are still passed out on my bed or on the floor of my room. I guess they have learned to associate lotion with going out because now when I pump the lotion bottle, the dogs will leap up and bolt to the door with waggy tails and smiles. I know its typically to see this behavior when you pick up leashes and things like that but its amusing to see it in response to me putting on lotion. Have your dogs learned to respond to weird things in your daily routine? 

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My tricolor Pem, Bonnie, likes to chase the reflections made by her tags. She spends about an hour every morning chasing the reflections all over the family room, then gets tired and "flumps" onto the floor for her midmorning nap. We thought she was neurotic at first, but the Vet assured us that lots of dogs like light chasing. What a silly girl! We are always entertained!

In the summer, putting my shoes on means it's time to potty.  I'm apparently the type to not wear shoes in my house unless I'm going out... Molly has taught me this.  In the winter time, if I put my hand on my coat her ears shoot even higher in the air than normal and her tail wags until she knows for sure whether or not to get excited about going out.  haha

Ï'm actually laughing at these answers because I can see Bobby in all of them. When I pick up the car keys he flies out the doggy door and meets me at the gate near the car and barks at the car till I'm out the drive, then barks when I get home, where he is sitting just inside the door waiting and then pounces on me the second I'm in the door.
Yes.  Dog's love routine from what we've seen with Kenji.
Ollie knows that when I put my pants on (b/c I do it last in terms of getting ready to leave home to avoid fur being all over) that mama's leavign for a while so he'll go sit right in front of the door so I can't leave -- either without him, or before giving him a cookie as a bribe. Smartie-pants :)

I see that respond when I put on my shoes. They (I also have a Maltese) know it is time to go. Because they go to work with me everyday, they both get so excited doing the circle thing.  If I stop on the way downstairs..they let me know by barking at the door.

This is a response of a different sort...before bedtime, I can take Muffett outside and beg her to go "make." NOTHING. I have to ask my husband to do it. No more than 2 minutes later, he says "okay Muffett, make" and bingo...I don't get it. I do everything for her. 

I just recently realized that Vesper thinks she's in charge of our bedtime routine. My husband and I usually end the night in front of the TV. When Vesper thinks it's time for bed, she sits in my lap and offers a very thorough human "paw" cleaning. Usually, this cleaning is so sweet yet disgustingly thorough, that rather than stop her I get up to brush my teeth and finish getting ready for bed. She herds me to the bathroom to make sure I'm following directions, then begs my husband to take her out for the last time. 


She doesn't have a regular morning routine, but knows dinner is always at 5:30. At exactly 5:30, with no apparent cue, she will drop what she's doing and beg for dinner- even if we're at the park or on a walk.

Tricky tricky beasts!



Every time my boys come in from outside they both automatically run to the closet door and just sit there and look at us-- they know that their treats are in there and they just assume that they are gonna get a treat when they come in.. Then they do it again just before bedtime-- they wont go lay down till we give them a little night time treat..lolol -
I can't even say the word bedtime anymore, much less words like walk, food, dinner, rope, ball, the list goes on without Holiday getting excited and either going to these places (as in the case with bed) or retrieving these things (ball, rope, etc) doesn't matter if I wasn't on about her ball or her rope or taking her for a walk or actually going to bed, if she hears these words she will just about trip over trying to get their first. Things like putting on my shoes (or even my slippers) causes her to run to the door and god help you if you open the refrigerator door, she feels at the very least she should be entitled to an ice cube. Yes, she has well and truly figured us out, but then I suppose that is a testiment to the cleverness of the breed.
When Daisy hears the electric razor she knows its treat time!!!
Teddy has realized that when I say "I love u to" it means my husband is on his way home and he gets really excited. He sits by the door or paces until I open the door for him


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