Hello everyone! I think we might need a little help from my awesome fellow Corgi owners! My husband came home to discover a disaster in the living room this evening. A Bill Jacs training treat bag shredded all over the living room. It was mostly full. There were no treats left....Grover (with some possible help from the cats) ate all the treats.
He is visibly bloated tonight and has terrible gas.(Yuck!!! sorry the the TMI) He has pooped possibly three times this evening. We found a poo in the kitchen by the door and he went twice on the walk. Husband came home first and feed him his dinner without thinking that he had eaten an entire bag of treats and likely didn't need it. But it went down the hatch too. So here we are at 8:30pm with an entire bag of treats on Grover's tummy. He seems super thirsty. Should I just see how he's doing later tonight and keep an eye or should we see a vet tomorrow? What do you guys think?

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Team work :)

If he didn't vomit, most likely it'll go thru his system, as long as he's not straining, he should be fine. Make sure he drinks plenty of water tonight.
KC did this once. We literally caught her under the Christmas tree with her nose in the bag. I think I blogged about it after it happened. Hope he feels better soon. I would say hopefully he learned his lesson......but he is a corgi.
He should be fine. Unfortunately gluttony tends to be a trait of the breed. Fortunately they are not prone to bloat but if he does start throwing up and seem to be in pain I would call the vet immediately.
He'll probably be fine. Franklin did this once with a bag of treats, and once he got into a bag of dog food. After the dog food incident he was visibly bloated, terrible diarrhea and gas, and he literally gained 3 pounds!!! It took a few days for it to work through his system, but he suffered no ill effects other than minor digestive issues. You could also call an emergency vet tonight and see what they recommend. They are usually pretty good about giving advice over the phone vs forcing an office visit. They are so jam packed with critically ill patients as it is, they usually prefer you to treat at home! :-)
Al & Gwynnie want to know: does this guy teach seminars or something? What are his secrets?
Inquiring stomachs want to know.
Thanks for all the advice everyone! So far, so good. Just some diarrhea and serious gas. I'm thinking I'll crate him tonight, although he usually sleeps in the bedroom. But I just don't think we'd be able to breath with him in there with us! I'm not sure if he ate some of the bag with the treats. Some of it was missing, according to my husband. I wasn't here for the clean up process, so I can't be sure how much of the bag was eaten. Husband thinks only a little....fingers crossed. He didn't throw up at all, just lots of pooping. And he's been drinking lots of water. He is pretty fat looking right now though! Poor guy, I feel bad for him, but he brought it on himself!
Proof that he's a true Corgi: After a LONG trip to the yard to potty, he ran in and went straight to his food bowl and gave be doe eyes!!! Who could still be hungry after all that???? What a pig!
Actually, I'm a little worried about crating him. What if he needs to "go" again in the night? Ummmm. What a brat.
is it possible to gate him off in a bathroom or kitchen area that will be not as messy to clean up, in case he cant hold it?
hahahah im sorry but this makes me laugh... these dogs are hilarious! and pigs..
o corgis, he should be fine but i do recommend taking him out every 4hours because for the next day or so he will be having runny poos which is no fun:( you know those sample packs they give you are the vet? im not talking the tiny kind but the kind that would last you 3days. well my mistake i was trusting teddy outside of his crate and i left that on the coffee table. in the middle of the night he ate the whole bag and shoved the bag under the coach! i feed him all natural food wellness and this sample pack was iams. the next two days were filled with having to run him out every 2hours and since he was so full he couldn't hold his bladder either.

hope everything goes well and hope it will soon pass out of his system!:)
Grover will be fine. This is a rite of passage for Corgis. You can not call yourself a Corgi until you finsh a bag of treats whitout your huamn's permission. Yoda and Chewie both have done it. I believe every Corgi owner has experienced this!
Well, we have definitely been experiencing the fun of a Corgi! He's so worth it, but what a bratty boy!
Today I have to work and won't be home until 4:30pm and husbands schedule is the same, pretty much. So we put him in the bathroom. Thanks for the suggestion! I just wasn't evening thinking! He's never been shut in the bathroom before, but I picked up everything in the floor (rug especially!) and left him with some water, so any accidents should be ok. Grover was still fat as a bear this morning!!! My little trim muscle machine is a tubby bear!!


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