Anyone else's dog do this?
Everytime I come home, if I have something with me that he doesn't regularly encounter (a bag for a trip, shopping bag etc.), Atlas feels the need to go through the bag and all its possessions, shoving his nose in everything. I once found him all the way inside my backpack with just his rear legs sticking out. The other day I had to keep him out of a bag that had nothing but my xbox in it, and Meg can come home with shopping bags full of clothes and he will "inspect" all of them.

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My dog Vector definitely likes to sniff all the groceries!
So, my friend's dog is not the only bag inspector corgi. When they visit, for some reason, Stretch feels the need to "inspect" my purse--which I keep up in my bedroom, and does not contain snacks. I've found him, a couple of times, with his nose down in my bag, although there are no tasty treats (or socks!) that you'd think would interest him.
My Corgi has a thing with ceiling fans....they either have to be off or on. If a fans is running and you decide to turn it off with him in the room he has a hooolllllyyy fit about it. The same thing goes if the fan is off and you turn it on...the same thing happens. The best thing I have found to do is have him out of the room when I turn the ceiling fan off or on.
Now...rearranging the furniture is another fly in his oinment. First off when I vacuum, I put my Corgi in another room and close the door, as the vacuum bothers him. Once in a while I rearrange the living room which meets with a bit of fussing
when Mr. Corgi comes in to make his inspection. It is almost comical as he walks past each piece you can almost see him making mental notes as to where it was and where it is now. Gotta love him anyway!!!!!
Lance loves to inspect bags that my mother in law brings over, if she sets it down he has his nose in the bag, probably thinking there has to be something in the bag for him, right!? LOL When I came back with bags from any store Lance always comes running thinking I have something for him and stares at me like what did you get for me. :)
I just bought Lance a new food and water bowl and I swear he knows whenever I have something in the bag for him. I think the smell of the petstores must be on the bags. lol He was standing right next to me as I was unwrapping it out of the extra paper they wrapped it in.
Oh yes my dogs do this too...Wynn is the worst...I just put a pic up in corgis caught in crime as I didn't have anything on the floor so I caught Wynn up on the table checking things out or going after my cotton candy...not sure which! Pet store bags have to go up right waway or they'll help themselves!
Domino does this with groceries too. That's about it.

I just get the cutest image of Atlas in a backpack. Lol!


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