Just returned home after a long night at the vet!

Bandit is our 1 year old Corgi - - he was following my son out of the garage & his left hind leg got crushed by the door (it is one of those heavy doors that close on their own)

The vet says because of where the fracture is at casting won't work.

She also indicated that he will need to have surgery and although she couldn't give us an estimate because she & her office don't do orthopedic surgery; she indicated it would cost "at least a couple thousand".

She said an amputation would be significantly cheaper; but I told her I was not interested in hearing about that option until I have talked to the 3 surgeons she was referring me to.

So - - of course we have to wait to hear what we are up against on Monday in terms of cost - and we WANT to have the surgery done; but if it is several thousand dollars we will have to work to do some quick fundraising and begging family members to help us with the cost.

I am curious to know of anyone's thoughts, advice, or experience with this type of injury... I live in Portland, OR area - so any suggestions of surgeons would be awesome!

I am attaching his xray from tonight & a picture of our poor baby with his splint :(


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How sad. The website "The Daily Corgi" helps raise money for dogs who need expensive surgery. Maybe contact that site on Bandit's behalf. Bandit is very handsome. I hope things turn out well for all of you.
Actually it is called Corgi Pals but they do guest blogs and links on The Daily Corgi.
Amy- although for an illness and not an injury we had to go through an amputation situation with my son's Corgi, Buddy a couple of years ago. The surgery was about $1,200 - done in the south east ( Georgia) and we had the surgery carried out by an orthopedic vet. You are fortunate to have a few vets to consult- it is a daunting decision.

I will tell you that our Buddy recovered really well from the surgery and could still chase squirrels and tennis balls in about two weeks. In our case the amputation was a fore leg and we were forced to have the shoulder blade removed as well. Listen carefully to the vets and try to be optimistic. Although they are natural runners, Corgis do not slow down. There are "wheels" that can be attached for really serious playtime if your guy didn't adapt to an amputation.

Last but not least- our surgeon helped us "get" that the dog won't "see" what people see... Although traumatic for us, the dog really adapts and triumphs if they are healthier due to the amputation.

Thanks for the website - I will try that.

We want whats best for Bandit; and this is just heartbreaking!

Last night did NOT go well; he didn't sleep much - still hasn't gone potty and he was given a pain shot last night but won't take his oral medication this morning.

I keep feeling like this is all just a bad dream!

Poor Bandit...I pray for a good recovery for him.  You might check with Corgiaid..I am not sure if they just help in rescue situations or owned pets.  Please keep us posted.

I agree with Cyndy that dogs adapt really well to pretty much anything you throw at them. I would also consider a hind end leg amputation much easier to recover from and adapt to than a front limb mostly due to the fact that the front end carries more weight. One thing to consider when getting the fracture repaired is the recovery. Your pup is still very young so if you decide to repair the fracture he will probably do very well, but on the flip side if you decide to amputate, he still will do very well, recovery from an amputation will be much quicker than from a fracture repair.

Another consideration with the cost, its not just the cost of surgery you are looking at, you will have to do every couple days to bi-weekly bandage/splint changes until the bone is fully healed, this can take 8-12 weeks. For bandit it will probably take more like 6 to 8 weeks since he is so young. We routinely do fracture repairs at my vet and they can cost anywhere between $2500 and up. This is JUST for the surgery, bandage changes can run between $35-$60 EACH bandage change and then you have to recheck the x-rays in 8 to 10 weeks to make sure everything is healing. This is all barring no complications. I know a lot of surgeons will give you just the cost of the surgery and then the recovery cost is a huge shock so I wanted to point that out as well. You will probably be looking at anywhere between $3000-$5000 for the surgery/recovery when all is said and done. If it were my dog I would repair the fracture just because I worry about injuries with the other leg later on down the road.

Try contacting CorgiPals, Page is AMAZING, you just need to provide proof of financial need and give her the estimates/bills and she can set up a fundraiser for you. Also, apply for Care Credit. Its a great no interest for 6 to 12 month medical credit card. I was slapped with a $2000 bill for an endoscopy Franklin needed about 3 years ago when I had just quit my job and moved to a new city to go to school. I had ZERO money for this procedure but was able to get Care Credit and the hospital he had the procedure offered a 12 month no interest plan to help me pay it off. A year later he broke a molar which was a very complicated removal and that was $1000, CorgiPals helped me pay for that. Please keep us posted.

I agree with Melissa.  If you do have the mean to pay for it in 12 months or so, you can apply for Care Credit.  We applied for it when Dee Dee became ill, and our total bill became $3000+, the UC Davis vet office suggested us applying for Care Credit.  We were immediately approved for $4400 with no interest as long as we pay all within 18 months.  Each vet has different deal, and UC Davis happened to have 18 months deal with them.  But I still think it's a good alternative if you can pay for it as long as it is little by little.  If he can live a happy life after amputation, you should definitely go for it.  :)  Good luck!

If he were mine and it was in any way possible, I would try to avid amputation...mostly because he would likely have more trouble when he gets older having arthritis etc. in his remaining legs, hip, or back.  I am so sorry this happened to you and Bandit.  He's such a cutey.  Is there a vet school in your area?  They might be a little cheaper. 

OK...just another thought...I recently had a plate and 6 pins put in my finger...it will NEVER be the same even with therapy...my point being my finger will always be stiff and cold will bother it so not that I would have had it amputated(it wasn't that bad) BUT what if you have it fixed and he drags it or it doesn't heal correctly? I would ask what the docs recommend as I would think 3 good legs would be better than 4 with one that won't work well...

Those darn garage doors...I had a cat get stuck under one but luckily he was ok:)

Good Luck!

Do not amputate if you dont have to :( especially if the leg can be fixed. I believe amputation is only okay if you absolutely have to and have no other option.

Oh, poor little guy.  Life is so unfair and dangerous!  My heart goes out to all of you.

I would say:  Listen carefully to the different vets' (plural) expectations for recovery with surgery.  If they think there's a good chance of decent healing, I'd beg, borrow, and steal the money.  If they think recovery is dicey, uncertain, I do see 3-legged dogs (one with the more serious foreleg amputation) who seem to be doing very well.  Mom grew up with one.

{taking a deep breath}  Nobody here, not you, me, or anybody else, is going to want to think about or mention this sad dark option, but, forgive me for saying, sending a young dog faced with a crippling injury to the bridge early *is* an option.  I'm sorry Bandit, it's wrenching me to say this, and not sure I should.  But if we're asking a young dog to face a life with pain, we have to be aware of what we're asking.

When I was fearing a CCL with Al last Sept., our breeder said that people go all the way from Seattle to Pullman(?) for surgery at the vet school there.

Oh I hope some talented vet can pin that thing and make it better.  Makes all my little trouvbles seem so small.

I'm so sorry to hear about Bandit's leg. He looks so sad in his splint picture. Others have already mentioned CorgiPals, but I was going to suggest contacting Mary and Rosie. They are members of this site and I know Rosie had surgery a couple years ago and they would be closer to you than any recommendation I would have (I'm in Salem). Please keep us informed and Bandit and you all will be in my prayers. I'm sure you have long days and nights ahead of you. 


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