Luca is 7 weeks old now. When she's being "playful" she bites. a lot. and it hurts. no matter how many times i say "NO" or pop her she still does it. She jumps up and bites at my face too. and she has bitten my neck before while holding her. No matter what I do she keeps biting. 


She's in her crate right now because she was on a biting frenzy this morning. Can anyone give me advice on culling this habit? I don't want her to grow up thinking it's ok :[  


I'm very upset about this too. I need helppppp. 


(also she does have several chew toys. and I've tried shoving her chew rope in her mouth when she tries to bite my hand. not working)

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Here are a couple of other recent discussions regarding biting that might have some ideas for you. My #1 piece of advice = obedience class. It really does make a huge difference for you and your puppy!

These are just from the last 2 months. I am sure you can go back further than that for lots more good advice.

thanks :]
I'm glad Chris posted those:) I would refrain from popping her and would suggest when she does this  you say "owe" loudly and turn away from her giving her NO attention and leave her alonbe for a bit. Right now you are giving her attention for an unwanted behavior. This is what has always worked for me. Good luck and remember you must be consistant!

HI there,

 I have two corgis and of course, biting is natural and normal for puppies especially....

any time my dogs go through a phase that is tough- chewing, barking, nipping, ....etc I recheck if their exercise level needs to be amped up.... a tired dog is the happiest..

I learned a quick phrase- exercise, affection and that order..

I also never used the crate for a time out....they associate with punishment...and they need to LOVE their crate...If you find they need crate time- they need exercise time instead..

Good luck!


well with it being so cold outside right now, we try playing inside. but that's when she bites me the most. i was playing with her a few minutes ago. she was focused on her toy and suddenly lunges for my other hand and latches on to it :/ 


the really bad thing is I'm allergic to animal saliva so when she breaks skin (first time to break skin today) it swells up and gets itchy. I didn't expect so much biting when i got her so this is making me very upset.


I use my crate for "time out" and there's nothing wrong with that if you're doing it properly and for the right reasons. To me it's time out, but I never say that out loud. In a pleasant voice I just say "bed time" and usher her into her crate. For example, sometimes she resists napping and gets crazy out of control cause she's overly tired. That's when she gets bity, and barky, and starts harassing our other dog. So in a sense she's being put in time out, but she has no idea that's what's happening cause I'm not coarse with her. It's just another bed time to her.

I just want you to know you're not alone. My puppy was the EXACT same way. I tried everything that everyone on here suggested, but NOTHING worked. When I would yell "ow" it would get her even more riled up. Like she thought I was a big squeaky toy or something. When I would get up and walk away from her she didn't seem to care and the second I came it started all over. I don't know if my puppy wasn't capable of learning at that young of an age or she was just so fixated on biting and chewing that no punishment phased her. I just had to wait it out, and it did get better. I bought her special teething toys and made home made ones too. Anything cold really kept her attention. Now that she's 4 and a half months, she a million times better. She still loves to chew, but she old enough now that she's learning what thing are appropriate to chew on and what things aren't. She's also a lot more bonded with us now, so when she does occasionally play bite us and we say "ow" loudly it works, she stops. I can tell she doesn't like hurting us. I don't think it would be this bad if our puppies would have stayed with their mom and siblings longer. They can communicate with each other more effectively than we can. Oh well, you live and learn. Good luck. She'll learn in time.


In the mean time here are a few things that helped me:


Feeze some kind of broth in an ice cube tray (Ein's favorite was actually the water from my canned tuna), put a couple cubes in a clean, old rag, put her on tile, a tarp or outside and let her go to town. This is Ein's favorite teething treat. I think a piece of old sheet or something thin like that worked best for us.


You can also take an old rag, tie a couple knots in it, soak it in broth, freeze it and let her chew it like a bone.


Pretty much anything cold like that helps soothe their teething gums and teeth. You can also buy teething toys for pups that go in the freezer. This is the one I bought for Ein: Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick The only thing I don't like about it is, that it looses it's coldness quick. She still liked it and chewed on in for a bit, but wanted something that would keep her occupied as long as the home made treats did, but didn't make a mess like they did. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.



NO will not work on a 7 week old puppy. Way too young. When she bites yelp in a very high pitch (like puppies do) and stop playing. Walk away from her for a couple minutes. That's how littermates do it and teach each other bite inhibition. 



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