So I have a 7 week old Pembroke named Marshall. He's adorable first of all :) Today I brought him to his first vet visit, and the first words out of her mouth were, "So what is he crossed with"? The thing is that Marshall is completely black and white.

I met both parents when Marshall was 10 days old, and the dad is fawn and white and the mother is tri-color. Both are purebred Pembrokes. When he was 10 days old (before his eyes were open), he looked exactly like his brothers and sisters except for the color (one female was also only black and white).

His ears aren't up yet, so he does look exactly like a lab puppy (except he's 6.6 pounds). I've read that black and white is a mismark, and since he's only a pet for me (no breeding intended!) that's totally fine with me. However, the vet started telling me stories about a female getting pregnant by 2 different dads in the same litter, so now I'm paranoid. Is Marshall a purebred Pembroke? 

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In true purebred lineage, black and white without tan is not possible in the Pembroke gene pool. Also based on his general appearance I would be very skeptical of the father being who they said he was.  Momma dog wasn't as faithful as the owners that she was. May have to wait for him to mature a little more before you can really tell.  Looks kind of like lab but seems like he'd be a little bigger than that by now.

Hi Taylor, eventhough Marshall is not a purebred Pembroke, he's 100% cute :)

He definitely looks mixed to me. He is ADORABLE, but mixed. I believe I've seen this happen to at least two other MyCorgi members, though heaven forbid I remember which!

I know that the first was someone who bought a "Blue Merle Pembroke" and the Merle coloring doesn't happen in purebred Pembrokes.

I also know of a breeder who insists, insists, insists that her Blue Merle "Pembroke" is a purebred Pemmy, traced back from when they bred Cardigans and Pembrokes together freely--but still, I count that as mixed (not that I care, I want one of these Blue Merle "Pems" more than I can stress!)

Anyhow, I would contact the breeder and request *at least* a partial refund. While it may not make him "worth" less, it really doesn't seem like you got what you paid/were looking for, so it's more so due to a point. If you are still set on having a purebred, then maybe consider returning him-though look at that little face! <3 Oh, also you can do DNA testing if it really means that much to you. I would in case the breeder tries to put up an argument over the whole thing, or even just to double check before "causing a riot". :)

He is TERRIBLY cute, but I regret to inform you (as the others have) that his "dad" is not his dad.   That is not a purebred Pem, and it's not just the color that gives it away.

Love him to pieces and call him sweet names, but you have been lied to (or the breeder doesn't know much).

And yes, it is possible for one litter to have more than one sire.

Two huge red flags: you were sold a puppy at 7 weeks of age (here in France it's illegal to let puppies go before 8 weeks, and I think the US would do well adopting this law) and you were lied to about his background. From where did you get him?

But the wee dog himself, now he's a cutie. :-)

In most places the US does have this law. I'm not sure state by state but I do know in Californis it is illegal, however it isn't enforced as well as it should be due to animal control officers being so overwhelmed as it is. 

As far as I know the laws in the US require  that pups be at least 8 weeks before being shipped across State lines.  This is intended to prevent abuse by puppy mills shipping to pet shops.  Pups are "cute" and thus more sellable, under 12 wks of age and then start getting leggy and have more needs, so pet shops need to move them before that age.  Puppy Mills often misrepresent the birth age of pups to get around these laws...:-(

Many breeders, maybe even most breeders,  ( except for Toy breeds) sell their pups at 7 wks of age to people who come to pick them up and this is an acceptable practice and may even have benefits over selling them at a later age, depending on circumstances.   Pups sold before 6 wks, especially those sold to homes where there is no other dog in the family, often develop behavioral problems and should not be separated from mom and littermates unless there are serious issues requiring it.

As Melissa says, State laws vary for sales within the State and some apply to commercial breeders and/or retail outlets, not to so called hobby breeders (which includes backyard breeders).

Oh, I wouldn't dream of giving him back! He's my baby :) I didn't pay very much for him, and the breeders weren't selling him or his littermates to really make money. Both Pembroke (or what they claim to be Pembroke...I met them both and they looked like it at least) parents are cattle dogs on their farm in North Dakota, and mama happened to get pregnant. I'm definitely going to hang on to him and see what he ends up looking like. My neighbor has a 7 week old lab puppy, and she is at least twice the size of Marshall, so whatever he's crossed with *should* be smaller than a lab. My friend also got a puppy from Marshall's litter, and she's a tri-color who looks like a Pembroke (weight - 6.3 pounds). Thanks for the help! I was just curious about his lineage, but if he's not a purebred corgi, that's totally okay with me :) When he walks he definitely has a corgi wobble, and both his tail and legs are short and stumpy. He has a little bit of tan under his nose, so it's possible he's not completely black and white, although he very much looks that way. 

And it's entirely possible that the breeder was unaware that there might have been two breedings.  :-)   Do keep us posted;  we can't wait to see how the little guy matures. 

If there was two breedings, my guess is that the breeders were completely unaware of it because all the puppies came out on the same day in the same litter. I definitely don't think they tried to cheat me! I will for sure keep everyone posted :) I take wayyyy too many pictures of the little guy as it is 

Whatever he is ...he's adorable. I was going to say that if dad was a fawn the color might be so light that you might barely see it but he does have too much black on his face and his ears look like they are shaped different too...enjoy your new little cutie!


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