DouBao is one year old and has been doing great on housebreaking until recently. We had three accidents.

The first one was she peed a bit (more like leaking out) whenever she barked;

The second time was she really needed to go and couldn't hold it and pee in the apt while I was putting clothes on for her washroom outside;

The third time was tonight: after a hard play and training session, I put her in the crate and watched TV. She was sleeping. After an hour, I took her out for the last time washroom before bedtime and found her butt was wet, so was the mat inside. When I cleaned the mess, I found there was a lot wetter than I thought (no like leaking). But she didn't even bark for for at all.

I don't really sure what's going on. But these three times, she did drink a lot more water than usual. She usually drinks from the bottle attached to the crate, which she wouldn't be able to drink a lot at once. But these three times, the first two she drank from a water bowl after puppy class, two bowls. And tonight she drank from the pet fountain I bought on sale yesterday.

I hope she just drinks more water than usual, but she had UTI before but cleaned for a long time. So, I hope there won't be any health problem.

Do you guys have any idea about this?

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Maybe she has another UTI, if she hasn't had any  accidents before these three and she's a year old,  she didn't bark to go out, she's old enough to hold dog had bladder stones due to UTI's that I didn't know she had.  I'd keep an eye on it if she has more accidents I'd have her checked for infection again,UTI's can be reacuring.

I'm thinking UTI.

Really unusual for an otherwise clean dog to soil their crate. Is she exhibiting any of the other signs of a UTI, perhaps those that she showed before when she had it? Difficulty in urination when you can monitor her?

The last time I found she had some problems was that she licked her vulva after morning pee. After a few round of antibiotics, there were still some crystals in the urinary I collected. As a result, the vet ran a culture urinalysis and a x-ray (I had a discussion before, as Melissa said there would always be some crystals from free catch urinary), but both test were all clean.  Honestly, I don't think that she had UTI after the culture and x-ray clean... But I didn't ask too much and she seemed OK by then so that was it.

This time, I don't see any licking or having difficulty peeing... That's why I was more surprised. Is it more like she pee herself while sleeping/without knowing it...

Anyway, it is holiday time and I have more time monitoring her without changing any water intake or else... If it keeps happening, I will need to discuss with the vet again.

There is a condition common in spayed female dogs where they leak often when sleeping. Our doberman has it and takes a hormone pill (perscription) that controls it.


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