Hello, I am a 17 year old new driver and I take my corgi Kipper with me almost everywhere I go. I know I'm bound to get in an accident eventually no matter how safe of a driver I am. My concern is Kipper, if something were to happen to him while I was driving I would never forgive myself. I own a car seat harness but I want to know if that's the safest thing I can do or if there is something better. I would also Like to know what you use. He sits in the front seat, should I put him in the back?

I attached a picture of the harness I have

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Do you have an air bag??? I don't know what that would do to a dog. I don't have any info on harnesses as I crate mine with a leash on 99% of the time.
Yes, an airbag would likely kill a Corgi. The safest thing to do with your dog is have him in a crate. At the least, belt the harness into the back seat so an airbag won't hurt him. I know it's no fun when your dog is not in the front with you, but it's safer in the long run!
I use a seat belt harness. It doesn't allow them much movement (cause they need cinched up tight so they can't go flying if something does happen). Other than that, unless you own a breathable steel bubble there's not a lot of options (they don't sell those, I've looked... lol, just kidding!). Your harness is similar to mine. Your corgi is just about as vulnerable as you are in case of an accident. If you don't have the option to turn off the airbags, yeah keep them in the back. Which sucks cause who doesn't love you have your baby ride shotgun? Its so much fun! The movement! The excitement! Sitting close to Mommy! Its awesome!!! The airbags are not something I'd ever thought of. I got lucky in that case... Bear goes EVERYWHERE with me (the ladies at Taco Bueno know his name and give him extra chicken, haha!) so I'm glad I read this. A seat belt is your best bet. I always load him up with extra blankets (cushion should the worst happen).
I use a seatbelt harness and have researched and found they can be safer than a crate. However, I once looked in my rearview to find my previously harnessed dog totally loose in the back (fortunately he's a calm traveler and just laid there). So my advice is to check it's snugness every time you put it on. Losing a pound or two or simply having your dog out- of- coat can make the harness loose enough for the dog to step out of it.
Back seat is better. A hard crate with lots of padding inside seems much safer than a harness to me (I use a harness) but I have no data. Imagine the airbag hitting your dog in the front seat. Think about flying baggage in a rollover.
You are NOT bound to get in an accident. Be very conservative. Most important safety device is between your ears, and it's your ATTITUDE.
Do not do ANYTHING but drive when you drive. The one accident I've had, mercifully minor, was due to drinking while driving -- drinking COFFEE -- I was distracted by balancing the cup. Pay NO attention to your passengers. It is well known that the accident rate among young drivers goes up astronomically when there are passengers in the car. Don't drive when you're angry.
Cell phone? Visualize yourself telling a mother you've just run over her kid or dog 'cause you were talking on your phone.
I say, like everyone else, a harness, with your dog in the back seat. It is similar to a child- restrained and in the back is the safest. I think that harnesses are much safer than crates. There have been some studies that show a cheap crate can break open upon impact, which would result in a loose Corgi flying across the car- not safe for you, or him. And if the crate didn't break the dog would still be slammed against the crate wall. A well fitted harness is definitely the best way to go!

BTW, the harness you use looks fine. I can't tell from the picture though- does the harness have its own strap that clips in to the seatbelt clip or do you thread the seatbelt through a loop on the harness? I'd go with one with a strap that directly connects the harness to the seatbelt clip as I found my orgi tangled himself up in the seatbelt-through-the-loop harness. Good luck and safe driving!
Your very responsible young lady! But I think its best he ride in the back seat! No Chatting on you cell when driving! Gwenie rides in her crate. She feels she should drive but, well she isn't old enough!! LOL Drive safe!
Marie, I am so impressed to read your post! That you thought about your dog's safety while driving is beyond awesome. I love that you acknowledge that "no matter how safe a driver YOU are", since there is always that drunk on the road that you never see coming. But John Wolf is right, NO CELL PHONE!!! It's as good as being drunk yourself. If you follow that advice, and don't drink and drive, you will probably be OK. Airbags will protect you in the front, but may kill a dog, just as they could kill a small child. So restrain the dog in the back, in a crate or a harness, and be a good, responsible driver.

I miss my old driving buddy, my beagle. I had no air bags, and he would hang his head out the window and tell the world that he owned all that he could see. And he got treats at every drive-thru we ever visited. But that was then. Now I have air bags, and Lilli has a crate in the back seat, and everyone is a lot safer.

Cell phone:
I acutally knew a person who died in a car accident because she was trying to find her ringing phone in the purse while on the highway... Very sad.
Let it ring and call back when you're parked.
BTW handsfree device won't help. You are still distracted by a conversation and not paying as much attention to what's going on around.
Maybe leaving Kipper at home for at least first 2 weeks is not such a bad idea. Or if you do take him make sure he doesn't distract you.
The cell phone is a biggie as I know of a family that the daughter was on her phone to her mother...had a terrible accident and was killed...can you imagine the pain and even guilt her mother may have because she was on the phone????
We can't necessarily control being in an accident but we can try to be safe. The reason I also leash my dogs in the crate is that if they get loose they may be easier to get a hold of...I also have side/curtain airbags and not that they would hurt a dog as bad but I feel much safer with my dogs in their crate! Also living in Minnesota we have snow to contend with and if I would have to leave them in my car (I hope to never have to) but they would be better in a crate ...fully padded and I could cover with a blanket to keep them warm!
Something to keep in mind about a crate... if it's in the storage area of a car, I have read online that the storage/cargo area of some wagon-type vehicles is in a crumple zone. I am NOT sure if it's true, and if so how many vehicles that would apply to, but you might want to look up your own vehicle and see if you can find where the crumple zones are before deciding where your dog will ride.

Again, not sure of the specifics, and don't believe everything you read on the internet! LOL. I would check out the manufacturer website and see if you can get the crumple zone info directly from them.
Very good point Beth! I actually buckle mine into the back seats....I figure they are the safest there from rear end collisions too!


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