i wanted to give everyone an update on how Baden is doing with his weightloss. i am so happy to report once i dropped his kibble to 1/3 of a cup and ditched the natural balance beef rolls for fresh pet food rolls which contain no sugar, he has lost a total of 5 pounds! now that i look at this photo i cant believe i didnt see it before. he is more trim, lean, as far as i can tell, much happier being slimmer. thank you all for your help and suggestions. this is why i love this site <3 tomorrow i shall post an updated photo of Baden, speaking of which its time for his dinner lol

i took Baden to the vet today for a check up and he now weighs 39 pounds! to me he dosnt look chunky but the scale didnt lie and now i am needing some help on how to get his weight down since i have never had an over weight pet before

he gets walked every day except sundays which are roughly about 40mins. he also goes to the dog park for about an hour or two depending on my work schedule (usually 4times as week) and that includes running after a ball half the time. i also take him to rivers and walking trails at least once a week. the trails take 2 hours to complete and he could spend all day in the river if i let him so hes getting his exercise.

he eat vension and barley natures variety prairie dog kibble and i grind up one slice ( 1/2 and inch) of natural balance dog food rolls. he eats half a cup in the in the morning and at night. for just one cup is 3,640 calories...wholy cow thats a lot now that i am typing it.

 so for those who have gone through this what can i do to help slim him back down to 30 pounds? the vet said he dosnt look it but he has fat stored around his ribs and between his chest.

please note that i didnt do this on purpose or i spoil him with treats all the time. i know their weight is important hence why i take him out all the time. here is a pic of us hiking just a week ago

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I would cut kibble and the slices down by half easily. That is a ton of food. Like my old boy gets 1/2 c in the morning and 1/4 c at night. He gained a bit of weight this summer but he has knee issues and it have to work him cautiously and we go swimming when the water allows it.
When I'm low on kibble he gets reindeer meat and rice. Or fish and rice.

Is there a reason for feeding those Natural Balance rolls? They are nothing but sugar. I'd get rid of them entirely before you end up with a diabetic dog. Those are crap crap crap!
If you want healthy, moist food; check into actual high quality canned dog food (Lotus, Natures Variety, Natural Balance, Fromm, Wellness, etc). Or, quality, unsalted/unseasoned lightly cooked meat ;just add a TBSP to the kibble instead of a pound.

now that i am thinking about it he didnt start to gain weight until i started giving him those. but i only gave him about the size of a peperoni but maybe a little thicker.  i put it in his food because just dry or with water he wouldnt eat it. for days. so started to just grind up a little and sprinkle it on his food and he gobbles his food right down but if they are just pure sugar then ill throw that away and get him some more canned food. i just bought him a few cans of natures variety canned salmon to add a little variety to his diet.

i had no idea those dog food rolls were so bad. it being natural balance i thought it was a good brand but thats good to know

Their dry and wet formulas are good, but those rolls are like feeding the meat flavored sugar.

If he won't eat, try lightning cooking up some beef, chicken, lamb, venison whatever protein, put a small amount on his kibble, add warm water. Not not is he then forced to eat everything but eat it more slowly too.
Lol lightly, I don't suggest cooking with lightning.

haha i read that and laughed but i knew what u meant ;)

I work hard to keep Becca at 25 pounds her highest was 28. Extra weight would make her more prone to injury as an agility dog. Corgis are such easy keepers. Becca would swear she is being starved and deprived. She gets 1/4 cup dry Honest Kitchen with 1/2 cup water and 1/4 cup Blue in the morning. At dinner time she gets 1/4 cup Blue and 1/4 cup water. Often she gets frozen green beans with dinner. That's not a lot of calories. I've been debating changing the ratio to more Honest Kitchen, less Blue.

However she gets many treats during training. It is not unusual to use a whole cheese stick or 1/2 cup jerky/freeze dried meat at class. Our nightly sessions are about 1/4 cup of something. She gets virtually no people food. I get teased at class about it. Of course Becca hams it up if anyone is eating. I think she would kill for a cheeseit.

I'd keep up the exercise and slowly back off the amount of food. How much kibble are you feeding? Just taking Becca from 1/3 HK, 1/3 Blue to 1/4 cup each dropped the three pounds. I also started using high calorie treats only at class. Her amounts will also change when the snow is deep enough to impact her exercise.

I swear by Honest Kitchen. I keep some kibble mixed in to try and keep the cost down. A four pound box lasts me 5-6 weeks.
That stuff is great!

i would love to try honest kitchen but its too expensive for my budget. i can afford high quality kibble but i usually try to stay in the $30 range as it lasts me for months and then a few cans to just give him a topper but im glad becca is doing great on it :)

he used to get 1/2 a cup of kibble and natural balance rolls sprinkled on top his food but now its 1/3 of a cup with 1 TBS of natures variety canned salmon

Honest Kitchen rocks!!!  

Our two cardis are 32 and 34 lbs.   Ragnar is extremely lean and Kelso has a stockier build but I can feel his ribs just fine.    Kelso gets just under 1 cup a day of Honest Kitchen, Ragnar gets just over 1 cup, both split into two meals.   I supplement with raw mince from the butcher when I get out to the farm--they do scraps, organs and off-cuts of beef, pork, occasionally lamb and venison.   When I use this, I cut the Honest kitchen in half and mix in an equivalent amount of the mince.    If you can find a butcher, this is a great way to go--$0.79/lb, which is cheaper than the cheapest bargain basement kibble.  The Honest Kitchen seems expensive, but back when I bought kibble, a 40lb bag of better quality cost about $56, which is what a 10lb box of Honest Kitchen costs, and the 10lb box makes 40lbs of food, so really, there's not any difference in cost.   

They have not been on kibble since they were puppies--too overly processed and by its very nature has to have a certain amount of unnecessary filler.   And it's bad for their teeth.  

My Max is a rescue and when I got him he weighed 54 lbs.  He is a large boned boy but that was a good 17 lbs extra he was lugging around.  A good weight for him is 35-37 lbs top.  He gets 1/4 c Blue Weight Control at each feeding, twice a day..  In the mornings he gets non-fat cottage cheese or non-fat yogurt mixed in, for dinner he gets some canned chicken (which is low fat) and canned..no salt added type (or fresh) veggies...peas, green beans, yellow beans.  Treats are carrots and small training biscuits.  I've been using this diet for 7 years with him (he's 12 now)..it got all that extra weight off him and he keeps a steady weight even tho he has slowed down a bit with age. 

My vet was thrilled when all that extra poundage came off and has stayed off.  Max is very healthy and playful.  When we adopted our 2nd corgi she got the same diet.  Katie is now 10 and as healthy as a horse.

went to pet smart to see if they had more of a selection than petco for weight control. the blue weight control seemed like a great try. he really loves the kibble hes on now though so when he gets tired of that ill give it a shot. is it made with chicken? hes allergic to chicken unfortunately and hates lamb

Sully was over-weight when I adopted her. In fact, she had been taken back to the no-kill shelter from the people who were fostering her because she was gaining at an alarming rate. When she first got here she actually ignored the food I offered for a couple of days. Not sure why. From day one I gave her dog food only, and I measure it to be sure.

She gets 1/3 cup of canned food in the morning and another 1/3 c. at night. Measuring it helps a lot to avoid over or underfeeding her. When I first got her and began to limit the feedings I gave her small snacks of green beans or peas to help her adjust to the smaller amounts. I also have to mix her wet food with equal amounts of water since she doesn't drink enough. She never begs for food which she did often with the foster. It seems like she has unlearned that behavior. She also has allergies so it is easy to avoid feeding her anything other than her own food. It took several months but she is her correct weight now. Sully isn't very active so she may not need quite as much food as other corgis. I try to limit her food a bit if she has earned additional treats on any given day, but she is happy with a couple of pieces of dry food or a couple green beans or peas as treats. She doesn't like raw carrots though. Baden doesn't look huge to me, but I know you want him to be healthy. I am sure he will loose it quickly if he is active.


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