How long did it take your corgi to get used to a collar.  We picked up our Sophie on Wednesday and I  have b een putting the collar on for 10 minutes at a time.  She absolutely goes nuts, she sitts and crys and slides all over the floor, than she runs in her kennel and cries, when she comes out she lays down and wimpers.  Today I want to leave it on longer in hopes she will get used to it.  Any suggestions on if I should be doing this differently.  SHe also has a strange habit already.  She has one toy that she carries around and cries the entire time she is carrying it.  She also wants to always take it outside.  She is kind of obsessed with it, so I took it away and willl not give it back to her for a couple days and see if the behavior stops.  I just found it strange for a 9 week old puppy to act like that with a toy.  Its been over 15 years since I had a puppy, so my memory of my other dogs puppyhood, arent very clear in my head but I do not remember this kind of reaction to the collar or to a toy.   


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I wish I could offer some sort of secret, but I honestly just put a collar on Ellie and that was the end of it.  She spun around and scratched at it and barked trying to get it off, but if I were to take it off then she would associate it with something negative or think she could get me to take it off by barking.  She eventually settled down and now she ignores it.  In fact, if I take it off to give her a bath or add/remove tags then she jumps at it in an attempt to get me to put it back on.


Is Sophie interested in food at all?  If so, then try distracting her with treats, play and toys after you put the collar on.  Make it a really positive thing!

I just put the collar on and leave it for my pups...but I do use a very thin one and give it about 1/2" extra space so it's not toooo tight.Yes, mine act like they are going crazy for a bit and some scratch like heck but they do get over it. My dogs have collars on permanantly but some people only put on when they take their dogs out.  As for the toy can you maybe let her have at night in her crate or for a bit when she comes in from outside? I have never had one cry over a toy but it might make her want it all the more if you keep it away...I don't know. maybe she is replacing the toy for her littermates?

I trained Webley when he was a puppy on a harness. He has only just recently began wearing a collar (he's a year and a half) and it's only for ID purposes. I would recommend using a harness to train to walk on, etc. I feel it's much more gentle on the dogs body and you have more control. He didn't like the harness right away but after a few weeks, he got used to it. Stick with her, puppies are babies! Especially corgi puppies :)

Here's a useful link:


The idea is to put it on when the pup won't think about it much.  It was awhile ago, but I seem to remember putting Jack's on when I would feed him and taking it back off again while he was still eating.  You can put it on and give her some PB to lick off a toy or spoon, or put it on and play tug.  Just take it off while she's quiet with it.  I know a lot of people just put them on and leave them on, but personally I don't do that to get used to new things so I'm not comfortable doing that with the dog.  I like to get used to new things gradually, so I want that for my dogs too.  I treat it more like people treat crate-training or muzzle-training; put it on, reward the dog (or distract the dog) for being quiet, and take it away.  Gradually increase the time.  


As for the toy, I've had puppies get very attached to a toy, especially a soft toy.  I would just rotate all her toys (not just that one) so she doesn't develop an obsession.  We had a lab puppy many years ago who got very attached to an old shirt and would carry it around constantly! 

Here's another link:


Looking online, there are two schools of thought:  the "put it on and leave it on" school and the "always associate the collar with something pleasant" school.    I'll be honest: since most dog training has moved to the "associate what you want the dog to do with something pleasant" school of thought, that's what I chose for my own dog.  I did the same thing when I added, say, a seatbelt harness and an orange safety vest:  I put the thing on and praised and distracted and took it back off when the dog was behaving.  

Usually when Ginger is crying over a toy it's because she wants to hide it and can't figure out where to do so.  As long as she doesn't get snippy with you when you take the toy away, I wouldn't worry about it.

With my dogs I just put their collar on and left it on. I think both seemed a bit annoyed with it for a day maybe and then totally forgot about it. I personally don't like harnesses because I feel it gives the dog more control, and if you ever wanted to do any sort of performance event with your pup they do not generally allow harnesses (I think flyball is the exception?).

Franklin HATED collars (still doesn't really like them), and putting him in a harness was 100 times worse. I don't like harnesses because I feel like you are basically training a dog to pull, they are easier on their body which in turn just allows them to pull harder. You are better off with a good leash training foundation and a well fitting collar. With Franklin I associated the collar with good things. Put it on ONLY for walks, put it on to play, put it on for treats and food, etc. Gradually building the time it was on. Make sure to buy a very thin soft collar so it is less bothersome. I used a choke chain for several years simply because they fit loose and were very thin. I just recently bought a buckle collar for him, which is actually a small dog harness that I cut the back piece off to use as a collar. I did this because they don't make thin buckle collars for dogs with his neck diameter. This is working great, doesn't bother him at all, and I can keep it nice and loose so it rests how the choke chain did.


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