Hello my Corginites!  I have another question. I must be getting annoying with all these questions haha.

Anyways, my boyfriend who lives alone is getting a cat. Kenny is now 5 months old and I'm not sure how him and the cat will get along. Do you guys have any advice on how to approach this?

Boyfriend will be picking his cat this weekend. What should I do?

Thanks guys! :)

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Is the cat an adult or kitten? Kitten should adjust very quickly. An adult just make sure to baby gate off a space to allow the cat to escape the puppy and don't let them interact without supervision until the puppy is older. Corgis and cats get along wonderfully.

I'm not sure its age yet. He most likely will get an adult though. Thank you for your help! So should I bring Kenny this weekend whenever Sam(boyfriend) gets the cat or wait another weekend?

Also your corgi has the most precious eyes!!! I love the coloring too!!! : )

I would also make sure if the cat that your boyfriend is getting still has its front claws, that you trim them first.  When Selkie was a puppy I made sure my cats nails were always blunt so that if they chose to swipe at her she didn't get hurt too badly, but I also wanted her to learn that Kitty doesn't like being chased and that's why she hit you.  When all of my critters got used to each other I let the trimming of cat's claws go a little longer and forgot about it when my friend brought over their new pup and she got a really bad swipe from them and lots of blood.  The puppy was fine, but I felt awful.

I have high spots in each room for the cat as well as gated rooms. Make sure the litterbox is out of reach of the puppy. I have mine gated in the laundry room. This is the first dog and cat combo vie had that doesn't love each other. My cat loves the corgi, but the corgi only tolerates the cat.

I would have Kenny drag his leash around at first so you can stop him from chasing the cat. Once he understands that is a No No they should do fine, It is just important that he not get into chasing because either of them can get hurt and the cat will never like him.

I would suggest that you wait till the following weekend to bring Kenny over to your boyfriend's place.  Let the cat get use to his new home first.  Throwing too many new things at him all at one time could be too overwhelming for the cat.  Has he already chosen the cat he wants?  If not he should look for one that is already use to dogs...he will at least know what a dog is and it may make bonding easier.  Keep the cat gated in a room where the puppy can't actually get to him but they can see and smell each other and get familiar with each other.  Introduce slowly and leave the leash on Kenny so you can stop him quickly if he gets too rambunctious.  Don't let him chase the cat...at least not for now while he is so young.  When he's older and they know each other they may decide a game of chase is a fun thing.  I have 2 corgis and 3 cats...the cats start the chase game more than the dogs do.  If the cat doesn't like the game then Kenny has to know that he can't do it...it has to be a mutual thing.

Absolutely what Linda said!

I agree with Linda!

Certainly supervision would be key for the first few visits and allowing a safe play for the puppy, such as his kennel or having a chance to burn energy outside.   However, if you both are interested to make this match happen, I would suggest that he considers an adult cat that has lived with other pets before, preferably other dogs.

As for the puppy, I wouldn't worry.   Either with a kitten or adult cats they see it has a friend to play with but as long as he's being kept on watch and discouraging behaviors that could become dominating and agressive.

Good luck.

Hi guys! Thanks for your replies! My boyfriend has picked a cat named Brandy who apparently is one of the calmest cats at the shelter. He is picking it up this weekend...we believe! It had complications in the spaying surgery.

Linda, unfortunately, I will need to bring Kenny up with me this weekend because no one will be able to watch him. I will see what I can do if I can get him to stay home. I may have to introduce him to the cat though...I'll see what I can do. Boyfriend doesn't seem to mind.

The cat is a 2 year old female. Tortoiseshell cat

Even if there weren't complications, recovering from surgery, new home and people and all the other changes are a lot for a kitty. If you must take the dog to the cat's house, keep them completely separated. This girl needs some time to recover. Go slow with this introduction. If it goes badly, it will be really hard to fix. Going slow increases the chances of it going well, and allows the cat to make all her adjustments with as little stress as possible. Best of luck with this!

(I wish I could have a cat.)

Erin....how wonderful!  I absolutely love torties!  They all seem to have such wonderful personalities.  If you have to take Kenny then keep Brandy confined to a bedroom or even the bathroom.  She is gonna need a few days to get comfortable in new surroundings and a rambunctious corgi won't help.  Let them sniff each other thru the crack under the door and maybe put something of Kenny's with his scent on it in the room where you keep Brandy.  Also when you go home with Kenny take something that Brandy has laid on and leave where Kenny can smell it easily.  That will help them to learn the new smell and that will help them feel a little more comfortable when they are in the same place.

Good luck, keep us posted on how it goes and make sure you post a pic of Brandy.


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