Hi all! So I like to take Maple to the dog park to play around, but which side should she be playing on? When she is with the little dogs she ends up being the big bully lol! But I'm afraid she will get trampled on with the big dogs. Which side is your corgi playing on? Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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I do not go to a "structured" dog park, per se, but I do keep an eye on what size of dog Ace plays with. He is not even 10 kilos (22 lb) anymore, but he is so resilient and rough-and-tumble that it's necessary he play only with medium and bigger dogs. He is "too much" for the precious little poodles and poms; he loves rolling with the big boys and girls. I wouldn't be afraid of Maple getting trampled. Ace gets rolled around 24/7 as he adores being chased during Keep Away, and his recovery time is very quick. They don't have very long legs, after all. :D

Its hard with corgis since they are right at the cut-off. All I can say is be careful if you do opt for the big dog side. Franklin used to be AWESOME with other dogs and we went to the dog park daily and he had a blast running with the big dogs. One day he was attacked by a husky, the owners were responsible and right on top of it, we got the dog off Franklin quickly enough and Franklin became a bit timid around bigger dogs. Fast forward a few weeks and he was mauled by 2 great danes, ended up with a broken foot and SEVERE fear of dogs. We worked for over a year to get him comfortable being around strange dogs again. Now he can be a bit nippy with big dogs out of fear but he is slowly getting better. Just know the risks of dog parks before making any decisions. I'd been taking him to the park for almost a year when this happened, things just happen so quickly around a lot of strange dogs.

Shippo is a bit insecure around larger dogs now for the same reason.  He was attacked when he was about a year old.  It scared him so bad he peed himself.  Ever since then he's been tolerant, but if they tower over him or get in his face for too long, he gets snappy and loud. =(


We struggle with this too. Twinkie does not like the big dogs baring down on her and gets snippy. She likes the little park better even though she is a plus-size girl.

Plus size lol! I love it! =)

Whichever your Maple prefers.  My Brian does not like bigger dogs so I stay away from the big dog area.

We don't do a lot of dog parks but when I do I like to scout out the dogs before mine go in and decide from that. If mine is being a bully in the small area I would leash him for a while every time until he/she calms down and then release, repeat as needed.

It's easier to decide once you know the dog park regulars.  When the 4 Airedales who think Mishka is a tasty rabbit show up we switch to the little dog park.  When Boomer the big yellow lab shows up, we go to the big dog side (he loves wrestling with Mishka and is super-gentle).  Mostly we're on the big side though - Mishka will chase the big dogs' game of chase.  The French Bulldogs love him on the little side but the Chihuahuas, etc. don't seem to register on the corgi playmate radar.

Beca and Mishka, we definitely go to the same dog park. I HATE those Airedales. Nothing should be that big and that stupid.

In general, Leggy and I hang out on the big dog side. If I feel iffy about any dog though, then I we to the small side. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

Had to comment on Legolas' nickname.  "Leggy" is such a funny name for a corgi, as it is opposite of what they are.

Whenever I take Winston, I usually start him at the big-dog area for two reasons: The small dog area usually doesn't have many dogs and when the big dog area isn't super busy, Winston seems to do really well. On a few occasions, there has been a big dog that was overly playful or aggressive and I've had to move Winston to the small dog area. Some owners don't pay attention or care that their dog is a bully or unaltered (and aggressive). Winston has had problems a few times with unaltered, big dogs trying to either mount him or assert dominance. My best advice would be to stay alert and keep an eye on your corgi. Don't let so much distance get between you and Maple that you can't referee at a moment's notice.


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