I gave Lilo a bath last week, and I notived it took her a really long time for her to dry. I keep reading about hair dryers- should I be drying her with a hair dryer?

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I've never used a blow dryer on my guys, but they do make dog-specific dryers that are a lot stronger than our regular hair dryers.

Gwenie loves the hairdryer. I use it on low & brush her as the blow dryer is on her. She sheds less also. She is brushed daily any way & we do a Mum & Gwenie time. Wash her face with her wash cloth, brushed all over well and that way I can be sure all is well with her. She is a talker & chats to me as I do. I also have a make-up brush I use on her face & tell her she is being made up she likes it. I guess because she is the only daughter I will ever have..I love her very much. Its relaxing to take time just us. My husband holds as I blow dry her tummy. Last bath this weekend ;)

That is such a cute picture of her layed out on her back~A princess for sure :)
that is super cute! Got another question- I want her to get used to being brushed, but she thinks the brush is a toy and keeps trying to get it. How can I stop this?

I bribe Baron with treats while he gets brushed/combed.


yes the blow dryer works great, but make sure you dont get it to close to the dog , some dryers blow really hot and they cant tell you it burns..
I don't use a hair dryer but mine don't get baths often. Yes, it takes a loooong time for them to dry:) Dryers could dry out hair and skin if used too often.
I use a hair dryer, cause it's fun, cold outside still, and dirt sticks to wet fur easier . Ein thinks it's a fun game and tries to get the hair dryer.
I think it's fine to use a dryer if you either turn down the heat or hold it far away from the skin.  You just want to make sure that you don't burn her.  I usually towel dry really well, then blow dry only for a few minutes and let her air-dry the rest of the way before I brush her.  She gets all zany and runs around and rolls on the carpet after bathtime anyhow.
Potus just air dries. He'll sit in front of the heater in winter but other than that we just give him a bit of a rub down with a towel. It does take ages for them to fully dry but there's no way we could even try and use a hair dryer with Po, he hates having air blown on him, especially his face and he HATES the noise.
Archie can take 2 days to dry...my son bathed him last week when the sun shone in the UK for al of 5 hours (thats our summer over then!).  He would not tolerate a blow dryer, he runs when I use it on myself, so would not want to scare him any more than he is already.  He gets a really good rub with a towel and then left to air dry.    Got to love a wet carpet in the shape of a corgi belly!
Since a hair dryer is sort of the opposite of a vacuum cleaner, a corgi ought to LOVE a hair dryer.


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