Hello. :) I am not sure if this should be in this category so if not I am sorry! I was just curious to know your opinion on a situation I just encountered. We were looking into corgi puppies and came across a registered Canadian breeder who sells her puppies for $1000. She also had a 4 year old female breeding/show dog that she was looking to sell. I inquired about her becuse that could be a possibility for my boyfriend and myself. However she was selling her for $1500. I just didnt understand this? Could anyone explain how a four year old dog that she wants to get rid of to replace with a tricolor male could be more expensive than a puppy...She mentioned something about recouping the costs for hip tests and somethign about having to send papers to the organization or something...Hoping you guys can clear this up for me, it just didnt make sense if we wanted to buy this dog as a pet for her to be 500$ more than a puppy.


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Is she selling her with breeding rights? If so, that could be why she's more expensive and perhaps if you tell her you want an altered dog she might be a little less expensive. On the other hand, remember that an adult dog is coming to you past the chewing, excitable puppy phase and probably already has had a good deal of obedience and housetraining. Maybe that is why she is selling her for more?
When we got our pup, he was $1200.

From the same breeder, our retired show/breeding dog was free, with a requested donation to Corgi rescue.

Both came with a non- breeding clause in the contract.
When I first started looking at corgi's I thought I'd get a Cardigan pup but after looking at some litters I decided these dogs weren't worth that kinda money and started looking at the pemmy's and are very happy I did. Teagen was 300 and Jordan 450 I found those to be resonable prices. the Cadigan litters were 800 and 1000 dollars. So 1500 might be considered ok in the Cardigan circles =)
I am not sure why cardi's are more, I think because there are not nearly as many breeders and they can name their price. I paid $850 for my Miranda, but I also had to pay $325 for a plane ticket to get her, so she was a lot of money. I would have adopted from a rescue but I was too young. I was under 22 years old and I am a renter. No one would allow me to adopt. Now that I am older I adopted Morgan, and his adoption was $375 total. Big difference, but I don't regret either of them. I was younger and I had the extra money. I just will not pay that kind of money again. I cannot afford to.
Who did you adopt Miranda from? She looks so much like my Maggie.......
Our dog is a Pembroke, but just with his tail :) lol
Beth, thanks for answering, I was thinking of your situation specifically because I remembered reading you had acquired a showdog. Thanks for all the answers. She is selling her with breeding rights which I wouldnt need so perhaps this is the reason. I have never heard of a corgi that sold for $300???? All our registered breeders in Canada I spoke to so far go for at least $1000 which is fine with me. The highest being $1200....
You're welcome! Kandy (the breeder) said when she places an adult, or at least one of her own, it's nearly always to a home where she has already sold a puppy. She also does rescue, so of course that would be a different situation. Our Maddie had one litter and needed a C-section, so she was of course not being sold as a breeding prospect.

Of course a finished dog/bitch who is being sold with breeding rights would most likely be considerably more, depending on the quality. Some breeders will sell dogs in those situations. You might ask what she would be without breeding rights.
HOLY COW! And my husband and I were feeling it paying $400 for our female and $350 for our male, both are registered (or would be if I got in gear and mailed in papers) and both have a no breeding agreement. I just found out my breeder has 2 more litters.
Here in Minnesota (at least the rural areas) people would not think of paying $1,000 for a dog. I paid between $400-$600 for my dogs. My pups sell for $400-$600 also.This depends on the bloodlines but other than that I guarantee that my dogs are socialized and both parents are non-agressive. I have seen a breeder around here that sells hers for $300, they never see inside a home, she never socializes them and people have had lots of trouble with them.My dogs are born in my home and socialized and loved till they leave! I also will not ship my dogs and I know lots of people will but my thought is if you want one of my dogs you can come and get one or I will meet you but personally I can't put a young pup on a plane and send them off. I also keep in touch with most of my owners and they can return them if it doesn''t work out!
Yeah, it's crazy around here, but we are technically in the New York-- New Jersey-- Philadelphia metro area when it comes to how far people will comfortably travel for a puppy (around two hours, it seems, around here). We talked to a breeder in New Jersey who was asking $1800 for pups. My parents paid $900 for their Chessie when they got her, and that was 6 years ago.
Yes I know people who have called from Minneapolis/St Paul and that's too far (about 3 hours) but 4 of my pups went to 3 other states and they had to travel a distance to get here. I picked up Bella and that was about a 12 hour drive one way. I guess it depends on the person!
Bear was 350 and his sister was 350. Both AKC registered.


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