Hi my new guy Chevy he is such a wonderful sweet boy and the most loveable and probably one of the smartest dogs I have ever  met.. Well everytime I take the boys outside- Chevy well he finds mice and he kills them and buries them... He stomps on them with his feet and then picks it up and digs a hole in the dirt and buries it.. I am afraid he might get some kind of disease or something if he bites into one of these mice or what if one bites him .. So I have been staying outside with the boys now when I take them out cause I donot want him to find anymore mice -- He found one out by the garbage can and he picked it up and ran with then stomped on it.. Anyone else have a corgi catching mice??

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I didn't watch the video, too many people say it's cruel and I am not interested in seeing it. Therefor, I don't have an opinion on the video.
However, I do agree with your statement that our dogs are NOT like wolves. Yes, dogs came from wolves and other wild canines BUT dogs have been domesticated for HUNDREDS and even THOUSANDS of years and they are NOT like wolves.
They don't eat or act like wolves anymore and they should not be treated as such.
Also, I allow Chase to investigate new critters that he hasn't seen before. I let him play with them but I wouldn't let him harm them. And in most cases, he doesn't try to harm them anyway. He jumps and barks at these aliens that he finds around the farm but he doesn't bite or eat any of them.

If you've not read about the Belyaev experiments selecting fur-farm foxes for tameness, google it.  Interesting.  Huge behavioral changes within a few generations.

If you've never watched a cat play with (torture) a mouse, it will put Kitty in a whole new light.

Somewhere I have heard that corgis were used as mousers. Ed and Gem will literally dig under the snow if they think they hear a mouse. They definitely can get worm!!!s from them and dead birds etc. We went through that here once with both dogs already!!!!
I believe that years ago they were mousers and ratters on ships!
No, Funny he is a mouser! How cute & smart is that. Corgis were ground dogs to herd & keep things away from livestock. I am impressed. Gwenie is too Princess for that. I would call vet & ask if he can get sick, I understand your concern.
Sparky goes after the lizards too. No rabbits around here. Gators got em all.

Mine only targets invertebrates. June Bugs, spiders and worms beware!


As to what your dog can catch?

Leptospirosis, luckily there's a vaccine for that.

Tularemia - this one is yucky. no vaccine.

Rabies - Not super common there's a vaccine.


and worst of all- PLAGUE!!

That's right. The black death. It's super rare tho. Both dogs and cats can catch it. And you can catch it too. This comes from fleas on rodents jumping onto your dog, or your dog getting it and fleas on it drinking from him, then jumping on you.)


For more information check out the CDC's website. Here's the link to what rodents carry. http://www.cdc.gov/rodents/diseases/

This website also includes if your pets can get it. That's where I got this info - http://www.kingcounty.gov/healthservices/health/ehs/zoonotics/pocke...

Another website with some information - http://www.bathnes.gov.uk/environmentandplanning/animalwelfare/Dogs...

Okay....So I'm not going to complain about stink rolling anymore....It could be worse!  ^,,^
I am so overwhelmed by the response of my thread here-- it is very interesting, I am learning alot and I am enjoying everything i read.. Now Chevy has Toby helping him look for mice outside around the garage area.. I believe I also read before that corgi's were used for hunting mice many years ago--  Hey least I know now if my cats dont get them my dogs will .. Please everyone keeps your stories and comments coming-I am enjoying them all nice to know I am not the only one with my dogs doing this ...
If I were you I'd be thankful for the burying part. Lilli caught another bunny this morning, and this one was as big as she was! She left it when I called her in (hysterically) for breakfast, but I think she really wasn't sure what to do with this one. And, yes, she does regularly get worms from what her vet refers to her "lifestyle.":) At least she didn't drag half of this poor bunny under my bed, as she has in the past. If only she would bury them herself.
oh my a rabbit- well the boys did take after one the other day in the back yard- and oh cannot foget the squirrels they chase up and down the fence line--now the squirrels have gotten smart and sit on top of the telephone pole and throw things down now at the dogs-- just so funny--  Yes last night the boys found one of the dead mice outside that I think Chevy got and well they were both taking turns carrying  it around..So today I went out there and put it in a bag and threw it in the garbage-- but some reason I think we are just getting started in these fun games..LOLOL.

sounds like our house with the squirrels and rabbitts. We tried moving the bird feeder so they didn't come up on the deck but I swear that they come up just to tease the dogs and then jump from tree to tree to get out of the fence when I let the dogs out. Now that it's dark the rabbits are out eating the leftover birdseed from the ground and we have a french door so the dogs see this and go crazy!!!!!!


Years ago our big dogs got a squirrel and I still feel guilty so I always make lots of noise before the dogs go out:)


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