Okay. I took Romeo out today for a walk after dinner like always. When he sees other dog's poop in the grass (HATE IT. People have no respect to PICK IT UP!!) he smells it and walks away. THIS TIME he ate one!!!!! He ate another dog's POOP! That area was dark so i couldn't see what was on the grass, but as soon as I saw him having something in his mouth i put my fingers inside and he growl at me. I still put my fingers and realize it was POOP!! I told him to drop it but he wouldn't, he ate it. (still working on the word drop) I took him straight home and washed his teeth like no tomorrow. I was wondering if that ever happen to you and what you did.

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Blech. Are you certain it was dog poop and not, say, raccoon poop? Many dogs will quite happily eat the droppings of cats, deer, rabbits, or horses.

I know it's disgusting, and it can spread diseases so it's best to try to stop it, but I think most of us have been there at some point. Jack can smell buried cat poop in the woods at about 20 yards, and will run a straight line right for it. He does know "leave it" but he won't leave that, and he knows I won't drag it out of his mouth.

Don't make a big deal of it. Just give a stern "No!" but don't act like it's the grossest thing in the world (even though it is to you) because he won't understand what the fuss is about and over-correcting a dog for something that to them is not actually bad behavior can cause distrust later on. And as long as he's vaccinated and wormed regularly, swallowing the occasional poop probably won't make him sick (it could, but the odds are in your favor it won't).

Jack's gross habit is one reason why we keep him on interceptor year-round and not just in heartworm season.
I hope you can get some answers 2 of my girls are bad poop eaters. Gross!! 1 will even wait for the other one to go so she can get it hot off the press. we tried the pill that you have to feed the other dogs who's poop your dog is eating, didn't work. Tried "NO" or Drop it didn't work. If she is out in the yard and running ok but make her go in the pen and owww.
sorry I can't be much help but just know your not the only one out there
Try giving the pooping dog pineapples. Victoria Stilwell said they make poop taste bad.
This is definitely behavorial problem. Looks like one dog is trying to clean up after the other. That's what mothers do to their puppies before they learn to go outside. Were your dogs taken away from their mother early? Ideal is 8-10 weeks, but anything after 6 is too early.
I never thought about bringing a flashlight but its a GREAT IDEA. Thank you ^^
Cricket was a big poop eater when she was a pup. She still enjoys it from time to time (I know, but it's the truth!), but I try to always be aware of any possible snacks for her. I clean up our yard every time I'm out with them so she can't eat any. She's really quick to pounce on it when we walk her. It has gotten a lot less frequent though and believe it will continue to lessen as she gets older (she's 15 months now). Good luck!
Potus has done it. Never on walks but in the backyard. Now we make sure to clean the yard regularly, but our next door neighbors cat treats our yard like a litter box and there's nothing we can do about that. Just have to be vigilant and use lots if breath freshening treats/toys. Potus rarely does it anymore though. Our vet says in most cases its harmless and just something some dogs do. If he eats his own poo give him pineapple to eat- it makes the poo taste horrible.
Just let Potus out in the yard next time you see the cat. I'm sure he'll have fun and the cat won't want to go back.
It also works if you catch the cat in the act and scare the crap out of it :) Either way sounds like fun.
PS: i love cats they are just harder to train
Unfortunately we hardly ever see the cat in the act- just the presents it leaves behind! We know when its been there though because Potus goes on a sniffing frenzy. Sadly it's hard to find exactly where the cat has gone to the toilet. We only ever know once Potus is chowing down. But believe you me- if I ever see that cat in my yard Potus will be out there quick smart. I find it annoying that my dog has to be closed in a yard and leashed when we're out but cats are allowed to roam free. Before we had Potus they used below our house as their bedroom- hearing cats mate is not fun!
This is instinctive behavior that most dogs outgrow. That is how the mom keeps the nest clean. For a puppy, firm no every time should get them to stop. Most dogs will stop on their own. I have heard a little pineapple in their food will discourage eating their own. If it is other dogs just correct him anytime he shows interest in another dog's poo. Poop from other animals and eating vomit are such strong instinctual behaviors that just having your dog leashed so you can give a correction and removing them seems like the only reliable way to stop it. Remember, this is not gross to them! We are teaching them that it is gross, it takes time. Good luck!
Sigh. This is a habit I have not been able to break Tucker of. He eats his own poop in the yard. I go out with him and pick it up each time- so he only has rare opportunities to indulge. Sometimes though it'll be dark and he'll go in the ivy and I can't even find it. If I see him going near poop and give him a verbal correction he will walk away but once he gets there there's nothing I can say or do to get him to walk away. Sooooo gross. We tried pineapple - no luck. The only thing that works is picking it up every time but I would really like to come up with a true solution to the problem rather than just avoiding it.

Oh and I have noticed that when we are at the dog park or my brothers house with his dogs he has no interest in eating poop. I have concluded that he is embarassed of this dirty behavior and won't engage in it in the presence of other dogs.
Maybe using an airhorn or something as loud will help. Let him go to the poop and make a big noise. See if that will help. If I'm right he'll associate eating poop with horribe noise and mayb it will stop him. Good luck!
Maybe more pineapple?


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