Okay. I took Romeo out today for a walk after dinner like always. When he sees other dog's poop in the grass (HATE IT. People have no respect to PICK IT UP!!) he smells it and walks away. THIS TIME he ate one!!!!! He ate another dog's POOP! That area was dark so i couldn't see what was on the grass, but as soon as I saw him having something in his mouth i put my fingers inside and he growl at me. I still put my fingers and realize it was POOP!! I told him to drop it but he wouldn't, he ate it. (still working on the word drop) I took him straight home and washed his teeth like no tomorrow. I was wondering if that ever happen to you and what you did.

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I have heard a lot of corgis do this :). One day Nibbler had something in her mouth and I did the same thing as you, I stuck my finger in and pulled it out. And then I screamed! And she hasn't done it since then, lol! Just so she doesn't get the idea that she is supposed to "pick up" poop, I leave her in the house and close off the doggie door while I clean up her messes outside. She will now sniff at it and other doggies poo and I'm fine with that, but we haven't had any more problems.
Jack did eat another dog's once, and never again. My guess is that particular dog might have had some digestion issues which left him with undigested food in his poops (gross!) and that might have triggered it, as Jack will eat other animal poop but never dog's except that one time.
lol thank you everybody. I also heard pups eat their own poop. Im just scared that Romeo will start eating his after he just tried that poopie from yesturday. I just wish people can pick up their dog's poop from the sidewalk here --___--.
Yeah people can be more gross than dogs. Those who don't pick up probably never had their dog taste other's poop or never stepped in poop.
What my dad does, if he knows who doesn't pick up and where he'll go there, pick it all up and put by their door.
It's also a good idea to put some baggies on their door so there's no bs excuses.
Brody had never done this until Lilly came and started eating poops, then he joined in! I had read on one of the earlier threads on this to try pineapple in their food. We gave them each a couple of chunks with each meal and in about a week they quit eating their poops. Unfortunately that won't help for eating OTHER dog's poops, but they are really good at "leave it" and will just keep walking. Recently we were hiking in Nothern MN (Gunflint Trail) and they cam accross Moose, Bear, Horse and who knows what other species of poops. They would stop to sniff, but as soon as we told them to leave it they would keep going.
Penny loves her own poop...UGH...she will whirl right around to get it when she goes out...we have tried no...drop it...leave it...and she'll stop but then won't come in (she has a penned in area outside the backdoor) and as soon as you turn your back bam she has it. It is truely disgusting...but other than standing out there next to her everytime she has to go (not fun at 6 am in your robe when it's snowing) I'm at a loss!
Cesar Milan did a segment on this recently. I know he kept the dog with him and gave her bananas. You should see if there is anything on his web site about it.
I saw that episode! It was great (and totally proved that Cesar does not always use dominance-based measures as some of his critics claim). He basically reconditioned her with the bananas to look to her handler when she pooped, plus he mentioned something about potassium as a cause of the poop-eating.
Cesar is not all that bad it just kills me what he does to aggressive dogs and to some scared dogs. He could use positive reinforcement a bit more often.
Have you tried feeding her pineapple? I know I keep harping on about it but it's supposed to work and its a good idea to try if you haven't done it already.
these were all kind of funny to read. we never had a problem with juneaux and max, never--of course we don't have either of them anymore. i did however experience "poop eating" with a toy poodle, and boy was it grossuff! she would only eat it if she went inside. it was so nasty! then soon after we noticed she was eating some outside, that the neighbors dog left, that too was VERY nasty! so nasty you don't even want them licking on you anymore. my guess is this could happen to any dog, not just corgis or poodles, lol! like everyone else, i've heard pineapple helps, and i've also heard of "forbid", i think thats the powder someone was talking about, but again that won't help with her eating someone elses. i think more than likely it couldve been that of a cat or raccoon, dogs love that stuff! as though we don't feed our doggies the best we can...perhaps buying a cat would be cheaper, lol!!
You're funny :))))
The fact that your dog ate her poop inside definitely means she was cleaning up. What a neat dog!


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