I was just wondering what a typical day look like for you and your corgis in terms of exercise? How often and for how long do ya'll walk your corgis? Do you do it in the mornings, evening? Before or after meals, etc? I'm trying to get a feel for what the norm is and how much to exercise our 10 month old pup.


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We try to walk our corgi twice a day when we can, but we find that at least one walk per day is needed. Roughly our walks last between 20-30 minutes. Walking them really helps out with the excessive energy corgi's have. Our corgi is a happy polite dog when we walk him! I've heard that walking before meals is best because they are working for their food, but as long as they get exercise it really doesn't matter. (Maybe let their food settle before a walk if you choose to feed them first.) The time of day is generally whatever works best for you and your corgi. If your corgi is home along a lot during the day a morning walk may prevent your corgi from entertaining himself with chewing, etc. As long as it is not too hot, you all should be fine. :) Have fun with your little corgi on your walks!
We walk ours once a day, after work close to sun down when temperature is more tolerable. We walk for 45 mins, our dogs know the path and if we try to cheat and walk a shorter route, they will pull us to the longer route :)
LOL, Molly is this way too! If we take any shortcuts, she pouts for the rest of our walk.
During the week he gets about 15 minutes before work, 30 after work, and 30-1 hr in the evening depending on how he goes. On weekends he gets probably 2-3 hours outside a day. We also play with him a lot inside, lots of fetch, tug, herd the giant ball around for a bit. He has nigh on limitless energy at 6 months.
Unless the weather is really bad, we make a point to get out every day. My schedule won't allow for a morning walk, so I try to walk in the evening for about 30 mins, or we go to the dog park for 45-60 mins if I have more time. We've had a lot of crazy weather here lately... rain, hail and tornados in the afternoon/evening, so there have been days that we haven't been able to get out at all. If we can't get outside, I at least try to get her to play fetch with me by tossing some of her toys down a long hallway in the house. On the weekends, sometimes we go hiking, which is a great workout for both of us. On the days when I take her to my dad's house, I don't worry about it too much, because I know she spend the day running around with his dog. She's a very slim corgi, and I am actively trying to keep her that way.
Tucker and I go for a 30-45 minute walk before I feed him in the morning on work days. He also has almost daily morning frap sessions up and down the hallway. When I get home we play in the yard for a little while - then he gets dinner. I'd like to try to fit an evening walk as well more often - something to work on! On weekends we go to the dog park - I try to take him friday, saturday & sunday for 1-2 hours each time. We have a smaller backyard so he loves all the space and he gets along with all the dogs. This is really when he gets his best physical exercise. The walks are important for the mental exercise too but I find he loves to run full speed. He is pretty mellow at home - loves snuggle or nap so I think his personal doggy exercise needs are met but I am sure each corgi is different.
OK, I'm the Niki boy daybreak walker. We go out for 1/2 hr to 45 minutes at 5:30 AM. The next jaunt comes between 10 and 11 AM, my daughter usually does this one. Then there's the afternoon social walk around 4 PM when lots of the other poochies are out and about. Lastly there's the end-of-day walk around 8 or 9 PM, this is usually my husband's time slot. There's also an occasional late night walk when one of us is in the mood for it. We live in NYC where people are out at all hours provided the weather is nice. Niki is over a year old. We are apt. dwellers so I think it's important for the corgi to be out frequently in the bits of nature available to us, there's actually lots of grass and trees in this area. Love that early walk, it usually also includes a run.
Gibson gets a:
15 minute walk in the morning (longer on weekends though)
5-10 minute walk at lunchtime
20-30 minute walk when I get home from work at 5
and then sometimes another 5-10 minute walk around 8 if it is a nice evening.

He gets a nice play session usually between 6 & 8, where we'll chase him around the house and up the stairs.
Nutmeg (9 months old), goes in the backyard at 6:00 am. I leave her outside, take my "outside time", and then get ready for work while she eats her breakfast. When she is done eating, she goes back outside for about 5 minutes, and then into her kitchen for the day. I come home at 11:30 AM to let her outside for about 10 minutes. There are many days that I am able to bring her into work, and that is just constant movement. She runs around my office non stop. After work, she goes out in the yard, and I make her dinner. Around 7:30, we go for a 30-45 minute walk. Depending on which projects I'm working on, we will play together, or she will keep herself busy until about 10:00 when she will lay out on the floor in front of the kitchen to go to bed. Weekends are a different story- swimming, running, swimming, playing, non stop until she just passes out.
Mine get at least two walks a day. Sometimes three. Duration of 20 minutes to an hour depending on the weather and my schedule. Weekends they usually get more than that. They seem to really plan on the mid-morning and mid-afternoon walks. If I get busy they race to the door every time I go anywhere near it so I go out at least a little no matter what the weather.
on the weekdays, spencer (our 9 month old) gets a 45 min walk in the morning before work, then a 20- 30 min walk at lunch, then another 40 -50 min walk after work and then a 10 min short walk before bedtime.

on the weekends, he gets his usual 45 min morning walk and then we will go on a hike, to the dog park, the beach or run errands, he usually so exhausted by 6 pm that he can't move.

because we live in an apartment we like to make sure spencer is well exercise and get out.
On the weekdays, Bandit (10 month old) gets an hour walk after i come home from work, about 30 minutes of training at night, 30 mins to an hour of running around the apartment, playing fetch, playing with the toys, and chasing after the cat. Unfortunately, since i work far from home and leave at about 6 AM, i can't really do anything with him before going to work. And he's usually still energetic by the time we go to bed at 11ish. Sucks.. i know.. =(

On the weekends, it is an hour or so at the dog park in the morning, errands if i can bring him, an hour or 2 at the beach once a while, 30 minutes of training, running around in the apartment with the cat, and 30 minutes of walk at night.

i really wish i have a yard so i can invite a couple of doggie friends over more often to play with Bandit.


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