Okay, so my dogs were having diarrhea after walks. Had that discussion. They started having more loose stools even without the walk. Switched to grain free, diarrhea was worse. Blended in 1/3 of previous food, which had only oatmeal. Have added yogurt. It is getting better, however they still have bottom washes at least once a day from loose stools. Will this ever end???

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Have you had their stools tested to rule out a medical issue? Once you have done that usually I don't feed for at least one meal and then resume with rice and a non-fatty meat (chicken, boiled meat) for a couple days then start adding the food with a little rice eventually going to the food. Some dogs tummys can not take changes well.
This is very good advice!
I agree with Bev's advice!
I had to switch my Butter to another food. He has a very sensitive stomach. Someone recommended switching gradually and very slowly. Instead of the regular 2 week switchover period I did it over 2 months. Also, at the same time I gave him digestive enzymes. It took about 6 months before he was totally comfortable with the new food and I could stop giving him enzymes.

I just used human grade digestive enzymes which are quite inexpensive. I had switched him to a grain free food. By the way, oatmeal can me a problem food for some and also yogurt can be too as it is dairy and some dogs can't do dairy. I would recommend getting them probiotic supplements rather than the yogurt.
I would have them checked at the vet too.

I do food switches much more slowly than recommended. I start with just 1 tablespoon per feeding of the new food. Then after a couple days, 2 tablespoons. A few days later, 3, and so on. When I reach half-and-half, I keep it at that level for a week or two, then gradually start reducing down the old food til it's only a tablespoon or two before eliminating completely. Jack has a delicate tummy and gets the runs easily.

I would also look for common ingredients between the old and new foods. There might be something in both that they don't tolerate. Lamb as the main protein seemed to firm up Jack's stools the best.
I know this is a little different, but when I switched my cat to a grain-free diet, I switched very slowly like you are supposed to, and she started having bloody diarrhea. I immediately switched back to her regular food and it stopped. I think sometimes it is a shock to their system. I can't say if they would eventually work themselves out because I didn't try. Good luck!
Hi all, yes their stool was checked. I added probiotics. Gracie has almost firm stools and Gunner may have one loose stool a day. I guess I was just panicking as they really had bad diarrhea when changed to the grain free food. I should have gone much slower with the switch. So I have backed off with the grain free and am going to do this at a much slower rate. Thank you for all your help.


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