So I wanted to see if you are all as crazy as I am.


Do you guys pose your corgi's, dress them up, or what ever and then take awesome photos? If so what do you do with them. I have decided to make another scrapbook and it is for my dog Morgan, the Corgi/something we got from a rescue.


My boyfreind smiled at me when he saw the materials out, but I am pretty sure he thinks I am nuts. LOL. He saw Miranda's scrapbook and liked it a lot, but he did not realize the time of money I put into it. (The items were on sale!)


Anyway, I was wondering what crazy things you have done with your Corgi's to capture those special times in their lives, puppyhood, birthdays, holidays, trips to the beach, that sort of thing. Please give evidence that I am not the only one who is nuts for their dogs, I intend to show my boyfreind the results. ROFL

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Great picture!!
It is important to read up on the latest doggy situation.
yes, always good to know whats going on..which magazine is it :)
I think it was published by dog fancy, it was the Corgi Magazine you can find at any petsmart/petco
Too cute!!! I never pose Ella, but I think those kinds of picts are adorable. I always keep the camera out on a shelf, for both my human son and my fur baby. I get some adorable candid pictures, especially when ella is sleeping. :)
Love the pic!
Wegman has made a fortune doing this with his Weimaraners! I would rather see corgis......

Hmmmm, Where to beggin!
OMG, I have not done that.... meaning Miranda wont let me put glasses on her. LOL
aww i love that!!! dont worry u not crazy lol i take pics of teddy ALL the time!! every single place we take them! (i always insist on taking my teddy bear hehe my husband gets mad sometimes haha:P we just love to have fun with are loved pets is all =o)


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