Does anyone know how i can get a corgi husky mix?

I live in Dallas Tx and i really want a corgi husky mix! they are so cute! are there any breeders in the area that i can get one from?

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I would think that combo would result in a nightmare of a dog. It may be cute, but you reaaaaalllllllyyyyyy need to consider temperament, not to mention the whole coat thing. A husky is INCREDIBLY independent and they tend to not really pay much attention to their owners, are very high energy, and just an all around difficult dog, add that to corgi smarts AND corgi stubbornness and you are going to get something that will be quite similar to.....oh I dunno.....a donkey with teeth?

I think this is the photo that you are referring to, and probably what is prompting a lot of requests for corgi/husky mixes. The dog in this photo is incredibly cute, but I wonder if this is what a corgi/husky mix would REALLY look like, or if this is a doctored photo. I agree with what others have said, as temperament goes this mix would be very difficult!

Here's the rest of the photos:

corgi mix site

I've seen lots of photos of corgi/husky mixes before, and this is most definitely just a puppy in this picture.  The ones that look more husky-ish (like this photo) tend to grow to be about the size of a collie or lab.


If you'd like to see examples, check this video and this video (both on youtube.)  They are definitely cute, but will not be as small as this pup in the picture and will definitely be very high energy since both are working breeds.

I have seen many pictures of husky-colored corgis like so:






















I definitely want one for the cuteness factor, but that is no reason to get a dog-- especially one that will be the biggest handful. 

This guy looks a lot like a Swedish Vallhund.

It looks like his coat has been shaved down too. Look how poofy his tail is compared to the rest of him!

I agree with everyone else that this probably isn't a good mix of breeds temperament wise. Not to mention if the sire was the husky the corgi would probably have an incredibly hard time welping puppies of that size.

I don't know much about husky's coats, but the poofy tail isn't enough to convince me that he has been shaved down.  My Pembroke has his tail and its much more 'poofier' than his coat.
I totally forgot that when I was young I was bitten by a Husky:( Maybe read the breed standard as I think they also need tons of exercise.
Maybe you should explore the Swedish Vallhund breed.

I know that again this isn't precisely what you're looking for, but I think a lot of these Corgi/Husky mixes may actually be part (or entirely) Klee Kai. In looking around, I found that there are some breeders in Texas:


The legit Corgi/Husky mixes that I've seen generally have a body that's far out of proportion to the legs, in an almost comical sense. Alaskan Klee Kai's are a relatively rare breed, but they basically are miniature Huskies. I believe they're 15-18 inches tall. 

I must tell you a Corgi and Husky mix is a lot of fun. Eskimo (my Husgi) is very friendly, and lots of energy.. and he is so cute that he makes the most serious of people smile when they see him/

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