Ok so my pup is 11 months now (yay) and has done really well with obedience school/training..minus the fact he likes to talk a lot. haha. But thats corgi nature and was expected.


Anyway, he just started about 3 weeks ago nibbling on me. Not biting but nibbling like they do when they have an itch. Me and my boyfriend have him together/have raised him together but he seems to only do it to me- most of the time its when I get home from work and he crawls into my lap and does it but sometimes its just randomly here and there. A friend of ours who has a couple of dogs things its a sign of affection and he is doing what he feels like I do when I pet him...I'm not 100% sold on this.


Has anyone else had this odd thing happen? Or any advice on how to break it?


thanks! :)

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Both Ragnar and Kelso do this. Rags is 11 months now and he's been doing it at least since he was teething. We've had Kelso about a month and a half now (he's 5 mos) and he just started it in the last few weeks. It's kind of funny--they tend to really do it when you scratch the base of their tails, but it can also be pretty random. It mostly tickles, except Ragnar has a fairly big overbite and sometimes that hurts.

We haven't really tried to break it because it's cute, but if they get too carried away, we just tell them "easy" and redirect their toothy attentions to something else.
Yes, Wynn actually takes a little nip. I think it might have to do more with males but I'm not sure as I think one of my females has done this a few times but I am always reminded of horses and how they nip...except that hurts much more. Wynn will usually do this on my lower leg but has managed to nip me in the butt also! It could be some type of an affection thing as he certainly is not doing it to be mean!
Anymore insight into why a corgi would do this to a person/other dog/thing? Waffle does it to the other dog and he recently did it to a dead squirrel he was trying to play with.... I was just curious as to why he'd do it to something dead. I figured it was a grooming thing coz it looks like what I call a "flea bite", but the squirrel made me think I was wrong, maybe.
Bear does this when he needs to go out and we haven't seen the signs quickly enough for his taste. He starts with licking and then will nibble.
My Ein did that to only me as well during teething. I gave him chilled baby carrots to nibble instead.
All the time, at my heel. I sternly correct every single time.

They're herders and will do this until they're adults.


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