Edison is currently 10 weeks old and he lifts his leg each time he pees. It's really cute, but at the same time since his legs are so short, it's kind of difficult to tell if he peed or not. The only way I know for sure is by checking the fur on the tip of his penis to see if it turned yellow, lol.

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My FEMALE corgi lifts her leg since I could remember... LOL... I think she just doesn't want to get her feet wet...

Why do you have to check? If he lifts, then he pees... Anyway, it will be easier to see when they get older and bigger...

I can't always tell if he did or not, especially if I'm taking him out late at night...

Max goes back and forth between lifting and squating, Katie alwasy lifts.  Go figure.

Our first female used to lift her leg. One of our little neighbor boys, who used to run out of the house and give her a biscuit whenever we passed his house, watched her one day and said, "I thought you said she was a GIRL!" Sophie squats. That's her potty command word -- "squat!"

Most of my males lift their leg except Armani who grew up with no trees in the yard. Bella and Wiley(females) will usually lift their legs. The rest usually squat.

Jake and Bert both lift their legs (Bert seems to be especially flexible despite his 10 year old age!)  The other day on the way to the Corgi meet-up Jake must have gotten all flustered because twice he went up to a tree, lifted his leg and pooped with his leg up in the air!  It was pretty amusing, actually - little guy got his signals all crossed!

Mark....that is funny!  Max is one of those that likes to travel while he's pooping.  A little here, a foot further some more, another foot and he finishes.  Like I don't have enough to pick up with 2 dogs, he has to leave a trail.

Jack always lifts his leg, since he was about 6 months old. Maddie mostly squats. Sometimes she cocks a leg a tiny bit.

When she's finished, she does a cute little hop to avoid walking in her own pee (which Jack has no qualms about doing, unfortunately). We call it her "dismount." Very cute.

Wally has always squatted when he does his business.   He's 11 months old now and only twice recently have I seen him lifting his right leg.    He only does it in tall grass though.  Probably not worth it cause he lifts it only about 1inch from the ground.


I can tell he's urinating any other times as his back his straight, his back legs are spread apart a bit and his tail is straight up with a curve.   Dead giveaway..   :)

First off, what a great topic! Noodles usually lifts his left leg, but if he is tired, he will just squat. Also, if it is raining, he doesn't like to lift his leg either, but not all the time. I still remember the day when he first lifted his leg. He was over a year old and we had recently moved to our house and I took him to the park. Well, he decided that was a good time to start lifting his leg, but when he did, he fell over. I chuckled because he looked back at me as if asking why I pushed him over. Ever since then, he usually lifts his leg. It also depends on how high he lifts as well. If it is a tree/bush, he will lift that little leg as high as he can, but if he is just marking a spot where someone else went, it is barely off the ground. Also, if I'm forcing him to go outside potty like if I'm leaving or it is bedtime, he will usually squat as well. Don't know why, but that seems to be his pattern.

Our first corgi used to do the "poop walk" too. A friend got out of a clean-up fee from his landlord by showing him that the poop piles in the yard weren't from his dog, who always left a trail. Sophie usually stays in one place, but she does get a "cling-on" that sticks to her fur every now and then that drops off fairly far away --- once even in the house.

Alex walks and pees at the same time. He leaves a wiggly line of pee in the snow so you know he has gone. He also does the poop walk leaving a little trail of nuggets to pick up. He will lift his leg on a tree or pole however .


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