My Ella lost her best friend, Maverick on Tuesday.  We had to help him over the rainbow bridge as he was suffering in the last stages of cancer.  Our household is a very sad place right now.  I am trying to spend time with Ella and comfort her.  However, I find myself having random crying spells and I know this makes her sad.  I have to deal with this huge loss of our big boy but it's so hard.  I know we did the right thing but there are so many memories and habits of his that keep coming to mind.  Everywhere I went, Maverick followed so it's super hard not to think of him every step I take.  She has a torn ACL issue which we are trying to deal with without surgery for now so it's been hard to actually play the way she likes with her.  I want to take her for a ride but our big guy loved rides and they always went together so I haven't been able to bring myself to even get in the vehicle.  The last ride Maverick took was to the vet and he died in my arms in the back of our Jimmy.  Our vet was good enough to come out to the vehicle for us since Mavy didn't like going to the vet.  If anyone knows what I can do to help My poor Ella cope, I would love to hear your suggestions.  She is eating and drinking so I know she will be fine in time.  We all will.  But for now, our hearts are broken.  :(

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Poor Ella & poor you. The photos on your page show what good friends they were. Hard as it is to lose a dog to illness, it is harder to watch them suffer, when you are not sure how much they understand.

Thank you Frances.  They were great together. 

I'm so sorry to hear of Maverick's passing. Thinking of both you and Ella during this difficult time.

Thank you, Alison.

I'm so sorry! We had a Maverick too...and he left us several years ago. Maybe keep his toys and blankets around so she can still smell him? I really don't have any ideas...good luck and luckily it seems our dogs are much better and moving on than we are sometimes!

Thank you, Jane.  I left the bed Mavy was laying on in our living room and she's been napping there.  Today we ventured out for the first time since Mavy passed and I think she enjoyed the car ride. 

I am so so sorry for your loss ... My deepest sympathies to your family :(

Thank you.

So sorry for your loss. Sounds as if Maverick had a wonderful life and left for the Rainbow Bridge surrounded with love as all dogs should. Only time can heal all of you. Hugs.

Thanks, Bev.

It is always so heartbreaking to read about people and animals dealing with grief. I adopted my dog shortly after she was surrendered from her former owners to a shelter where she gave birth to a litter. She had to adjust to the loss of her former owners, life in the shelter, and worst of all, the loss of her pups, in a very short time span. She was traumatized and understandably distressed when we met. I'm have no doubt you already know this is a good time to cut Ella some serious slack while maintaining as much of her normal, safe routine as possible. I do think setting up some new, Ella specific routines may help. For example, I give Sully a gentle message-type cuddle session and I sing her a short a lullaby before she goes to bed for the night. It sounds crazy I know, but it did help her adjust to everything somehow. I am sure you and Ella will draw strength from each other to get through this very sad time. I wish it could be easier. You are in our thoughts!

Nothing sounds crazy, Holly, when it comes to our babies.  :)  Sounds like Sully found exactly what she needed in you!


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