I came home from work yesterday to find that our home had been burgularized. After calling the police, I opened the front door and went a short distance into the house (with the biggest crowe bar I could find in the garage) calling for my boy and he did not come.  Fearing the worst I retreated to the outside and waited for the police who went in with guns drawn. The thief was gone. Shortly my little cor-guy appeared at the front door shaking and frightened but apparently okay.  The thief had locked him in an upstairs bedroom.  Whatever the reason - accidentally, cuteness or annoyance, I am grateful. Hug your pups.

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How terrifying for you!  I am so sorry that happened but so grateful for whatever reason they locked him in a room.

Sorry to hear of your situation. Poor little guy! Glad he's okay.

I'm sorry about your home, but I'm glad to hear your little guy was okay!

So glad to hear your corgi is safe.

Whew! I'm so glad you both are ok! Hope they catch the crooks and you get your stuff back.

They probably lured him up there with a treat and locked him in to keep him quiet -- and, perhaps, safe.  Then they stole your stuff and went off to sell it for meth.

That is horrifying! So happy to hear he was ok. Makes me want to get an alarm system.

How very scary! Glad he is OK!! And you too...

So scary! Glad he is safe. They probably put him in there with a big handful of treats to keep him quiet.

the best thing is everyone is safe.  the rest is just stuff and replaceable.  You can't replace your people or your pups.

Happy your dog is safe.

I'm of the opinion that most burglars don't want to injure any person (or pet!), which is a good thing.  What they do is obviously still rotten, and I'm sorry for the trauma (and lost items).  It would take a real monster to hurt a corgi!


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