The house to the side of me has been vancant for a couple of years now and the layout is kinda odd there is a garage and a 4 foot space till the chain link fence. this space can not be seen from their house since the garage blocks it and borders 1 hole side of my yard. Some younger people bought it and are moving in some roommate's. The roommate has 1 Bull Mastiff and 1 lab that can not be left alone in the house so they are currently constructing some kind of a kennel back there for their dogs. As I've posted before the corgi's like to fence fight the pits on the other side of me but since the pit's owner got in trouble over the 1 pit biting the neighbors dog and jumping the fence to approach some people they are no longer left outside unsupervised and we've kinda devised a plan since we can see each other's back door he doesn't let them out when mine is open and I don't let the corgi's out when his is the fence fighting wasn't a issue anymore. But now the new neighbors say their 2 dogs will be out there during the day while they are at work. I'm not happy about this at all!!! But I can't really do anything about it. I have to get these corgi's not to fence fight or respond to the 2 new one's in this kennel.....I'm gonna need alot of advice!! PLEASE HELP!

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Is it possible for the dogs to meet and greet? If the excitement and curiosity are no longer there, it should make it easier for everyone?

It will also be in everyone's best interest to cover at least one side of the kennel with a piece of fabric. That helps to block the dog's eye sight, if not you bet there will be a shouting match. Try and work together so that other neighbours will not complain in the neighbourhood. It's always best to be nice and work with your neighbour.

You can also use a spray bottle, when he's fixated on the dogs, squirt him, say "leave it", when he no longer pay attention to them and look at you, reward him.
Would you happen to know of any good books that have a section concerning fence fighting? I've searched a couple of web site's and can't get anything to pull up under the key words fence fighting....I can't beleive nobody's ever written about this issue before?
I'm not sure about good books, but Cesar and other authors did write a little about it. You can go to the library or barnes and noble to read that chapter. If you pay attention to Cesar's facility, it's chain linked with fabric to cover the perimeter. Most kennel facilities are built that way as well.

Corgis are herding dogs that are driven by sight and sound, if you're able to block their view, even just above their height, it'll help you a bit. My neighbour also have a corgi and our dogs are separated by a shadowbox fence, it's true that they can "see" each other somewhat, but without a direct view, it cuts down on the noise, your other neighbours will thank you :)
Wish I had some info but I don't have a clue! Good luck!!!!!
I would try introducing yourself to the neighbors and ask if they would mind getting together to walk the dogs, so they get to know each other. Dogs who are friends are much less likely to fence-fight.
I spent the morning at some local tool supply store's buying tarps and zip ties plus some little garden border fence's they are dark green and in front of the plant's that I moved over to provide a barrier. I know this looks a little cheap but it'll have to do for right now....I hope it's good enough. If you have any other idea's please let me know =)

Great idea! This should make the fence much less interesting to doggies.
Great idea. That was going to be what I suggested. I tried for months and months to train a stop to the fence fighting. It just didn't work for us because the dog on the other side wouldn't stop no matter what and eventually my dogs would go back to it. They could only handle so much antagonizing! I built a new fence about 10 feet away from the first one with wooden posts and chicken wire and then put some outdoor fabric up, stapled to the posts. That stopped the worst of it. They still stand at the "new fence" and bark or jump sometimes, but the fence fighting is over.
Thumbs up! That looks great! Good job :)
Good job, it looks great!
Christy, the fence cover looks pretty cool! Good job! You'll have to let us know how it works.
I think that blocking the view is the best approach. It was for us. Our corgis used to run non-stop with our next door neighbors dog until they were so exhausted they could hardly walk. We put up a small, short, wooden fence and that seemed to make a big difference. They know when he is out back and they may bark a little but they lose interest very fast. Good luck!


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