Last weekend we had a huge fire go through this ranch and burned up most of our pasture.  3000 acres saved out of 14,000.  Saved the homes, hay stacks, equipment and most of our livestock.  When the fire was running right around us, we thought we had cows in safe places....NOT.  The Corgis and I jumped on the 4-wheeler to move some very scared cows out of an actively burning pasture...Joey, Katie and Hank worked their lil butts off heeling, biting, barking and chasing cows out of the fire...not once but TWICE!  I could feel the heat of the flames and none of the dogs got frightened...they just worked their lil butts off doing what they love to do...herding cows.  Thanks, Joey, Katie and Hank for your help.  This isn't much of a discussion, but  wanted to share what our doggies do for a living and passed even the hardest

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Sorry for your loss of pasture, but what amazing little dogs.  It's not for nothing that they can be so stubborn around the house.  It takes a lot of attitude to move cows under the best of circumstance, and most livestock becomes nearly impossible to move when fire is involved.

Lots of Corgi arrooos for your little ranch hands!

Way to go, Joey, and Katie for your bravery, how awesome is that!!! How frightening that had to be, and they weren't frightened, impressive!!!!!  Hope there wasn't too much damage, or losses. 

I am so glad you are safe! How scary

I did not get to finish (internet while traveling is so spotty!) but also am glad to hear that your corgi helpers were up to the task. I sure hope you are now all safe from more fires.

WOW, glad your little ones were so able/willing to help! Sorry for your loss!

What AWESOME doggies! I'm glad everyone is ok!

That is wonderful that your dogs performed so well.  I'm sure sorry to hear about your fire and glad you were able to save several things.  I hope your 3000 acres will do for a while.  I know you are really proud of your dogs!!!

Glad you had such valid help in your time of great  need.  Some of your Angels have paws :-)

It's now October 25 and things have settled down.  Last 2 weeks we've received 1-1/4" rain and yesterday 1/2" snow on the ground.  The moisture is very welcome and needed!  The cows aren't very happy because they can't go out and graze like they normally do.  We've been feeding the fall calvers hay since the fire and are almost done fall calving.  It's 20 out there today with a stiff breeze brrrr!  Our lil doggies are doing well, because of cows being unhappy, they keep tearing down fence to get up here by the house.  Our doggies love helping us chase them back-I sure wish they could help me fix fence ;)  If they could I know they would.   Thanks for all your caring responses.  This, too, shall pass.

I am so glad that you have had some rain but I agree with the cattle that the snow could have waited but it is water that will melt.  I'm so glad that your wonderful dogs are doing their jobs and I know they would be happy to hold up fence posts or what ever.  I'm so glad that you saved your house and at least one barn.  Hang in there the corgi world is praying for you.

I am so sorry for the fire. It must have been terribly frightening!  Congratulations to Joey, Hank and Katie, for showing what corgis are made of! 

YEOW.  I missed this.  Sept. was a busy month.

Washington, too, was as dry as it gets.  We had over 60 wildfires burning in this state in the first week of September, mostly lightning.   Sept. 2, Al and I put out a campfire that someone had *almost* extinguished -- dust-dry tinderbox forest, no water nearby, warm night -- go figure... Some MyCorgi people in the Wenatchee area were facing possible evacuation, and horrible smoke.  We finally got our first rain in perhaps  75 days on Oct. 19, and nobody was happier than the firefighters.

Relieved to hear you saved the buildings, equipment, and the hay.   I sadly note that you said you saved *most* of the livestock.  Hope you didn't lose too many trees.  Hope you've got enough hay to last the winter.

We will have to use our imaginations to picture corgis and people keeping their cool and working... uh... doggedly together to save the cattle.  What a nightmare.  No, I cannot imagine a dog keeping its cool with wildfire so close.  Hamburger will never taste the same...

Next time Gwynnie & Al get beef bones, I'll think of Joey, Katie & Hank.


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