Does anyone recognize this guy?
I just got word of a red and white (it was described to me as sable but from what I see in the picture he is red and white) male unaltered Pembroke Welsh Corgi that was found in Cottonwood CA near Redding. If anyone knows of a male corgi that has gone missing in Northern California please contact me. I can also be reached through the Golden Gate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club - Rescue by phone or email. Maggi


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Did someone call the local humane societies to see if anyone was looking for him? Craigslist might help? (don't give all his details though so you can verify).

Yes, all the shelters have pictures of him. Thanks for your suggestion. He is on Craigslist found page also.

Update: The lady that found the corgi was going out of town for a wedding this weekend so I haven't heard anything from her. I will check in the morning. I am also going to give the veterinary office a call that had a poster about a lost corgi in Paradise. Someone has offered to help put posters up so I will get on that Monday. I am also going to call the Highway patrol to see if there were any accidents on I-5 in which a corgi was lost. I will check and see what area of Cottonwood he was found in also. If we don't find his owner this week, I think the lady will turn him over to our rescue next week as she is headed this way. I will keep trying to reunite him with his owners.

I was wondering if you'd had any news.  Thanks for updating.  Please keep us posted.

We have a good lead. I will let you know when we find out if he is indeed Shorty!

I sure hope you find his owners! An unclaimed corgi in Northern California is indeed a rare occurrence! Maybe you can "accidentally" have him neutered before returning him! Bet if he wasn't intact he wouldn't have wandered off silly boy!

Hope so:)

I so hope it's Shorty!!!!

Sorry to say it wasn't his owner. She lost her Shorty when a thunder storm came in last December while they were out feeding the horses. Please keep the word out so we can find this guys owner. We are not giving up!


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