My wife and I have decided to crate our little Zoe during the day when we are at work. Right now, we don't leave any food or water with her in her crate, just toys mainly to keep her occupied. I've read in numerous places that puppies should have fresh water available at all times. Should we put water in her crate with her or is it safe with her to go without most of the day? Anyone have any experience on this? Thanks!!!

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I think she should have fresh water all the time, especially for puppies. They can get dehydrated quickly. If you are worried about her knocking a bowl over there are various options available, I've heard of people using hamster water bottles or the bigger ones for ferrets and guinea pigs. They have pails that hang inside the crate and lay flat against the wall so the dog doesn't step into it but can still drink. You can also put ice cubes inside it so it melts throughout the day and she can't gulp it all down at once.
How long will you be away? An 8 week old puppy should only be left alone for a few hours. She will def need a break during the day. As for water we did not leave ours with water but that was when he was already 4 months old and was left alone for 6 hours max. We did split shifts..haha... I left for work at 6 to be home at 3 and my boyfriend left for work at 9.
She will 100% pee in her crate if left with water, but as for how long an 8 week should be without water, I am not sure.

Good Luck with the new baby :)
I had a similar thought when we first got Casey. Her crate certainly wasn't big enough or designed for a water dish, so she didn't ever get water in her crate with her. I think Justine is right, if you have water in there, you're looking at a higher probability of accidents. I don't think they should go without water for too long (I imagine 8-10 hours is too long for a young pup, because they can dehydrate easily).

On the rare occasion that I had to leave Casey for longer than 3-4 hours when she was still very young, I didn't crate her but left her in a safety pen with her crate inside (door open), newspaper and a water dish. Without fail, every time I came home, she had knocked over the water dish. I don't know when she did it (it's likely she did it almost immediately after I left, which means she never got any water anyway, and spent the entire time in a big wet mess). However, she never dehydrated on those days, but they were also few and far between. Most days I was home with her all or almost all the time, so she had regular access to water and outdoor potty breaks.
We used an ex-pen and we always had water during the day but took it up about 2 hours before bed time and did not have any at night.

We needed to use a bottle like a hamster bottle, but for dogs, because he would paw all the water out of his dish and lay in the puddle if it was hot.
We are gone most of the day... I leave around 7:30 and my wife leaves between 8 and 9. I don't typically get home until 4:30 unfortunately and sometimes it is tough to get out to her. A good thing is that I'll actually be on medical leave starting next Thursday and was given up to four weeks off if I need it, so maybe she will be better when I am home most of the time. I'll make the effort to get out to her the next couple of days when we are working all the time. Thanks for the info everyone!!!
I know you will be home for awhile but my pups and litters have all used something like this...with water. When you are gone long periods I think it's better. I do use bigger crates at times but I do like this set-up although some people will disagree.

This is pretty much the exact set-up Casey had when she was left alone for more than a few hours, except that when I'd come home, the newspaper would be torn to shreds, water would be spilt everywhere, and I'm pretty sure she didn't go in her crate at all (I'd throw a stuffed Kong in there before I left, which 99% of the time would be untouched).

She's actually got a variation on this theme right now. It sits in front of the deck doors, so she has a view, but keeps her nicely confined and out of trouble.

Anyone on here not crate their little ones anymore? My parents have had/have now two dogs that they would pen up in their foyer and then eventually let go loose. For anyone who stopped crating, how old were your corgis when you did that?
I think most of mine were about 6 months. Many of my dogs(I have 5 Corgis and an Aussie) love their crates and so they use them with the door open while I'm gone. I have 2 that either go in my bedroom with a child gate and I shut my computer room door. It depends on the dog also, last year my computer lost everything due to a dog...$300 later I have learned to keep that door shut even though I may not need to anymore. I would suggest a fence for the 1st year for being gone longer but try leaving for an hour or so before leaving them out for too long. My guess is many don't crate their dogs once they have proven to be good little corgis!
Sami was nine weeks old and it started the first night here. Although I have to say we shut her up at night in the pantry/laundry room at night. She also has two large bowls of water at the ready in the house and an even bigger one outside. For a few nights we picked up her water bowl when she went night-night and put it down first thing in the morning but she was doing so good---thank you Wendy--we started leaving a little until we just left it down all the time. We live in very dry climate and I am never without something to drink, coffee, water or soda.
Orion is 4 months old now and I no longer lock him in his crate. I keep the door open and he'll nap in it when he wants to, I haven't had any accidents in a long time and he's not destructive so I don't have to worry much. He sleeps on my bed some nights and some times he'll get down in the middle of the night and sleep in his crate but he always sleeps the whole night. Laika is a little more active and crazy so she'll probably have to be crated until she's 6 months though
When we crated Archie for an extended period of time, we were able to buy a water bowl that actually screwed to the inside of the crate, which we put at head height, so he could not topple it over but could get to have a drink if he needed one. We also used ice cubes so that it melted slowly so he could not gulp all the water at once. I would say just leave her some ice in a bowl, like the one we had if you can get one) especially while it is hot.


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