We are having a problem with our puppy Tulip. She is a WILD child and walking her on a leash is exhausting for me! With Peanut, our older Corgi, I used a martingale when he was a puppy and now he's a great walker. But Tulip isn't having it, the collar isn't effective on her. I was thinking of trying a Haltie or a Gentle Lead. Has anyone used them with their Corgi? Any other ideas, save for getting Cesar Millan involved... lol. Speaking of Cesar, I was so sad to hear that his pit bull Daddy passed away this past Friday. What a beautiful dog, and what a wonderful life he led. RIP Daddy.

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I have an illusion collar also but it's designed to keep your pup on heel so I don't use it for everyday walking because of that. Just in crowed paths or maybe for a trip to the saturday market.
The same company that makes the gentle leader makes the Easy Walker harness. This one won't hurt their neck like the head halter can. Good luck!
My trainer suggested the Easy Walk Harness or the Sensation Harness. It's easy to use and is not painful to the dogs. What's great about it is that every time the dog tugs, the easy walk harness is designed to turn your dog around, thus making her not want to tug anymore. The Easy Walk Harness, as well as a bit of training, helped tremendously when I first started taking Kipper for a walk. Anyway, that was my experience with the Easy Walk Harness. Whatever you decide to do, good luck!
Thank you all! Because of Rommi's eye experience, I will stay away from the gentle lead--Tulip already has a issue with her tear ducts. I never liked the choke type collars for any of my dogs. I am going to definitely look into the Easy Walker!! I never heard of that one but it sounds like a winner. Thanks everyone!
Obedience classes helped me learn how to use a choke collar properly and now I walk them with their regular collars with out pulling. However, my son's doberman after years of pulling him is much harder to stop. I tried the halti but it ends up in her eye because she is so aggressive. I finally started classes with her which helped and plan to continue after we return from Florida. (leave tomorrow) If you can not find a way to take classes I would try the easy walker harness. The illusion collar looks like it would work well too. I also was sorry to hear that Daddy died. He was special.
My Radar pulls like a steam train. The trainer at Petsmart suggested the Gentle Leader and it works wonders on him. He hates the strap over his nose and is always trying to rub it off. But he's a totally different dog when I have it on him. If I don't use it he goes back to pulling. I've seen alot of Corgis with this thing on! LOL
You must be careful with a Gentle Leader not to pull UP on their head.

If you don't like the idea of a choker, you might want to look into the Illusion caller that Cesar uses; it keeps the collar up at their throat, where it has more impact. When I use a regular slip lead on my dogs, I have to be careful because it settles down near their shoulders where it has no impact whatsoever.

I too was very sad to hear about Daddy. I'm sure Cesar is heartbroken. Daddy was his working partner, and that sort of relationship is hard to replace.
I've used the Gentle Leader with my corgis. It's fine as long as it is fit properly and used properly. As a trainer, I do not use it on dogs with loose jowels or loose skin on the nose that would cause eye problems (think Cocker). Premier, who makes the Gentle Leader, also makes the Easy Walk harness. We have used that with our new cardi puppy and she has done quite well. I'm also using in more in classes than the leader. What I have learned though, is to flip it so the top strap is on the bottom and the bottom strap on the top...makes the front strap fit better. (Sounds silly but it works!)

Many dogs fight agains the Leader. It feels weird and is quite restrictive. I wouldn't want to be led around by the nose. But I've not had any dogs fight against the Easy Walk.
Hi Susan. I actually have been using a Haltie on both of my corgis since they were little. I also used it with wonderful success on my dobies (who have since crossed the Rainbow Bridge).

I agree (if fitted properly) it is fantastic. Zoe, my 5 yo is very head strong, but once the Halti is on she is like a completely different dog. No pulling at all. Total calm when out for a walk. And I do very little correction so it really doesn't slip near her eyes. My vet loves the Haltie, also.

Coming from a horsey background in my youth, it just makes sense to me personally as opposed to using a collar when you have a headstrong pup. My new pup Ziggy ( who will be a year old in 4 weeks already!) adjusted to it very quickly. Just get the right size. I think that my dogs are using size 1. The only down side is that some folks think that it's a muzzle until they get up closer. Good luck!
Happy Almost Birthday to Ziggy! Tulip will be a year old on March 15. The time goes SO fast! I ordered a Easy Walk harness for her so I hope it goes well.
We have one of our two, Sammy, that pulls and is a wild child on the leash. A halter did not change anything. We tried a lot of behavior work, and a young gal, at the pet store, recommended the gentle lead- wow! instant change. We enjoy the walks, he doesn't mind putting it on, and we bought one for his brother too! They both walk better than the leash. They seem to respond to a tiny change in the guide. I have chatted with other Gentle Guide users, and all have had positive results. Don't let the initial nose rubbing deter you. Just respond with a positive encouragement, and she will buy into it!
good luck,
Thanks everyone so much! I got the Easy Walk Harness for Tulip and it's going ok. When I walk the two dogs together she pulls even with the harness, not as bad as before but still pulls. But when I walk her alone she is fantastic, no pulling!!! I tried it on Peanut, who is a pretty good walker but he still will pull when he wants to get at something. With the harness on him he is an ENTIRELY different dog!! A DREAM DOG. So easy to walk and doesn't pull AT ALL. I even took him to the local Petsmart-- this is one of the places he pulls me around because he wants to go see the chinchillas and guinea pigs so bad-- and no pulling even there!! It was a pleasure to walk him. Still working on Tulip, but she just needs to calm down more. Thanks again for the suggestions!


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