This is Buddy.  He is my grandson's corgi and has just lost his leg to cancer.  Even with treatment we can only expect him to live another year or two.  Fortunately Buddy doesn't know this and is happily chasing balls and sticks.  Then there is his passion.  SQUIRRELS!  We were wondering if there any other corgis fighting the same battle.

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Buddy is most likely blessed with the innate ability of all corgis to live in the moment. I am hoping he enjoys chasing squirrels to the end! So sorry that he has been ill.
Good luck Buddy! Sorry you have to go through this...glad you have a great attitude!!!!!!!
I'm so sorry.  It's so hard to watch them suffer...the good thing is though like Bev said--dogs have the great ability to live in the moment and to not worry about what could or has happened.  I'm glad that he is enjoying life to the fullest...and God bless you for being there to take care of him!
Thank you all for your good wishes.  Buddy belongs to my grandson and they live in Savannah.  I was thinking there must be others going through the same thing and it would be nice to share and support each other.
its heart wrenching to see our beloved pets be struck down with such horrible diseases.. may Buddy's time left be filled with chasing squirrels and loving and being loved by his people. Sending Corgi hugs and kisses his way!
Thank you. Big lick right back.
My dog Romeo was diagnosed with Hystiocytic Cell Sarcoma almost two years ago.  To stop the spread, we had his rear leg amputated.  We've been taking him in for chest x-rays, sonograms, and blood work as recommended by the oncologist and haven't seen a recurrence.

He adjusted amazingly quickly.  The day after the operation he was up and hopping around, mostly unassisted.  He had to learn that he could only lift his leg one way, but that was really the only behavioral change he has had to make.

We went through chemotherapy, and unfortunately it did some damage to his kidneys.  Luckily, the vet figured it out what it was after Romeo started having accidents in the house (previously, he had only peed in the house once) and put Romeo on a low protein diet with daily doses of asprin and Benazopril.

He's still the same happy dog he was when my wife & I picked him up from the shelter years ago.  He's looking at me right now as I peck this in on my iPhone, willing me to get up and get him a veggie treat.

Anyway, I wish your granddoggie the best.  As long as he's given the chance, he'll keep fighting.

Buddy had an osteosarcoma which does not have a good outlook.  Even with chemo he may not live another year, but then he may beat the odds.  In any case he is living like a king.   He is treated with carboplatin every three weeks for 4 sessions.


It is amazing how quickly he is adjusting to the loss of his leg.  Set the family into giggles a few times trying to figure out how to pee.  Rumor has it he tried to balance by using his nose.  He is chasing the ball and like Romeo just a happy little guy.


I don't know what part of the country you are in, but my son is taking Buddy to Southeast Veterinary Oncology in Jacksonville, FL.  My son says if he ever is diagnosed with cancer he wants to be treated there. 

I lost my "heart" dog, George Washington, 2 years ago to hemangiocarcinoma. He had 2 chemo treatments that may had helped a bit. It was about 5 months from diagnosis to the end.  The wonderful canine oncologist responded to my many questions very kindly and told me often that when the time came, my dog would let me know.  And that's what happened. He stopped eating, then drinking and then moving and then he gave me the look and it was time.


There are 3 corgis in the house now but I still cry once in a while over George. Good luck with all this and believe me, everyone invovled will know what to do and when and why.

I'm out in Southern California, and Romeo's oncologist is at VCA All-Care in Fountain Valley (which I recommend for any pet owner who needs a specialist).

It may be an odd question, but has your son tried acupuncture with his dog?  We use it for Romeo every few months (we started when he was going through chemo), and it has done wonders with his back problems.  We also didn't see him having any nausea with the chemo while we were doing it, but it's my understanding that dogs usually don't have the same problems as people do with it.

I'm glad tha Buddy has adjusted so well and quickly.  These little dogs are amazingly resilient.
Josh- this is Buddy's human mom :-) ok, actually I am the mom of the boy that belongs to Buddy.   Anyhow, we actually found the Ortho vet who did Buddy's amputation when we were referred to his physical therapist who does acupuntute. We plan to add that to his treatment after round two of chemo. 
This is so sad.  At least he has his family to take good care of him, and who care enough about him to make sure that he is happy right to the end.  God Bless all of you!


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