I know this sounds very mental but my baby Fergus (12 weeks) has this insane obsession with grass chips.  By this I mean the little clumps of grass that fall off the lawn mower.  My husband mowed yesterday for the first time and every single time we are out in the yard hes got grass in his mouth chomping away.  I just don't know if this is something I should worry about or not. Oh my mother has a littler mate of his Angus... and he happens to have the same obsession. 

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Both of mine love it.  Don't know why.   I would try to avoid letting him eat it;  I have visions of the big clumps causing a blockage, plus it might pick up small traces of whatever is on the lawn mower.  I would not panic if he gets one, but don't make a habit of letting him eat it.  

Thanks Beth -- I have a 16 year old Beagle mix that has no interest what so ever so this was ever so odd =-)  Must be another quirk hehe

Linus pulls the grass up out of the ground and chews it. He doesn't usually swallow it but he'll run around the yard pulling up grass all day if we let him. He's never gotten sick from the grass though.

Mine love recently mowed biscuits of grass too, and they are very fond of grazing on crabgrass in the spring. I keep them away from the clumps for the same reason Beth mentions, I don't want a blockage (also, I don't treat my lawn with anything at all, so no worries about fertilizers or anything, but that would be on my mind too).  And, this is disgusting, but only other dog owners can understand -- but after eating some crabgrass, sometimes, they have trouble pooping, because they can't quite push the undigested grass all the way out, and I have to step in and ... pull.  With my poop bag.  But still.  So I try to stop the snacking.

We have lots of clumps because we mow several acres...can't stop a couple of mine from eating the tidbits but we also don't use chemicals so I feel a bit better. They've been doing this for years.

Max likes grass but not the clumps from the lawnmower, Max just nibbles the stalks down.  He also loves sticks.  He thinks he is helping me by making little sticks out of big ones.  Katie just prefers her own poop.  Ick!  Now Arnie...he loved to eat the zinnias.  I kept thinking of the Doris Day movie...Please Don't Eat The Daisies.

Jeff loves eating grass- he is like a cow and just grazes whenever we are outside. He also loves breaking long sticks into tiny pieces. Usually this isn't a problem, but yesterday he went the entire day/night without pooping! There must be some blockage :(  I will now start trying to limit his grass & stick intake...

Kaitlyn...the biggest thing I worry about with the sticks is Max getting one stuck in his throat.  Irish wolfhounds seem to love chewing wood and our female was always chewing sticks when she was outside..  One evening when I put her supper down she refused to eat, she wanted to but kept backing off.  Turned out she had a small piece of a stick lodged back in her throat.  It was standing up like a wedge.  Had a miserable time getting it out and thought of what could have happened made me sick.

Hi Linda, so happy Max ended up being okay. That is really terrifying! Normally Jeff just likes to destroy the sticks, and he will usually walk away to find a new one after there's a pile of pieces too small to break. There are those rare times I catch him swallowing the pieces of stick though. I will certainly be watching more carefully!

We don't use any thing on our lawn but rain =-) So I feel a little better that its a more than one corgi obsession.  This morning after our walk we went into the backyard and played everytime he went after a grass clump I missed I Thew his stuffy bone and that distracted him and wore him right out.  He is currently under the kitchen table flat on his back sleeping away.  Thanks again for all the responses.  This site was a wonderful find.

My husband and I call Bentley our little moo-cow. He likes grass too. Now that he is 1 yrs. old he doesn't eat as much. 

Salad. Austin also likes the seaweed at the beach.


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