Hello all, sorry for more newb questions. As I'm looking into what grooming tools to get for my pup I see a lot of different preferences. She is just going to be a pet corg, but I still want her coat, teeth, and nails to be looking their best!

So far, I've seen that many use a Furminator when the dog is blowing their coat about twice a year, and regular brushing/combing in between to help with the lighter shedding. I'm going to go the Dremel route as far as nails go, and plan on brushing my pups teeth daily.

What are the pros/ cons for using a natural bristle brush, a curry brush, wide and fine tooth combs, etc. I'm unsure what each brush can "bring to the table".

Also, as far as bathing the dog is concerned, I have read on older discussions that some people bathe monthly all the way up to once every two years. How often is appropriate? What sort of shampoos do you use? I've seen lots of people recommending the Buddy Wash and Buddy Rinse as well.

Sorry for the rambling, I just wanted to get some more recent answers to these questions instead of from a 4 year old discussion topic.

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I suggest a soft rubber mitt for regular brishing. When the pup gets older a fuminator is needed when blowing their cost or a quick weekly brush but not till 9-13 months. I use my down Aveda shampoo for their yearly bath or if they have rolled in something.

Alrighty! So just one of the rubber gloves will be fine until she is about 12-13 months? Would it be fine to give her a bath every month or two? I actually enjoy washing dogs and would love to get that bonding time with my girl.

Getting her used to a bath after she get s bit older is good. Just don't want to too often. My dogs can come in as black as the field and 1/2 hours they are white again...and the floor is full of dirt You could use a natural brissel brush also...the brushing can be a great bonding time too. Id get both:)

I use the furminator during heavy shedding and a regular slicker brush in between. I rarely, rarely give my dogs a full bath. Usually I can spot clean if they rolled in something gross, or toss them in the tub and clean their belly and feet if needed.

I use a furminator while blowing coat. I have recently discovered the Zoom Groom, which works like a curry brush on a horse but the rubber teeth are softer and longer, and better suited to a dog's coat than the horse-style rubber curry. I use that once or twice a week followed by a quick comb-out, and the dogs both LOVE it; it feels like a massage.

I used to use a slicker a lot, and it works great but neither really likes it so now I reserve it for their pants and longer ruff hair.

I have a comb with wide teeth on one half, and narrow teeth on the other, which is perfect.

My favorite bath implement is the Martha Stewart wash mitt (available at Pet Smart). It's got short rubber nubs on one side, and is a terry cloth on the other. We bathe once every few months, maybe 3 or 4 times a year.
Hmmm, I don't see the wash mitt listed anymore on the PetSmart website. Not sure if the store still carries it or not. I see other makers of the wash mitt that's just the rubber mitt, but the two-sided one means you can flip it around to do faces and paws....

Zoom Groom by Kong

We use the Furminator while doing a heavy grooming and have an attachment for our vaccum for the times in between. We also use Furminator deshedding shampoo and conditioner when bathing Boo, I'd say she gets on average one bath a month. We spent $20 (or less) at Wal Mart and got a hose that attaches to our shower head and stretchs down to the bath tub, it has an on/off switch and makes bath time so much easier!


Also good for you if you are committed to brushing your dogs teeth daily, but that may not be entirely necessary. We aren't consistent on this but you may want to see what others recommend.

see the claw trimming FAQ.  I use a simple steel comb, like a Afro comb but teeth closer-spaced.  Try the guillotine pliers-type nail cutters; I like it (use it backwards, front-to-back).  Trim claws when wet, much softer.  I'm not sure bathing is ever really necessary, but it's nice, and a good prelude to combing.  Monthly combing might make it easier, prevent matting.

I only bathe-comb when I'm in the right mood; it's kind of a spiritual experience, like a massage.

The brush questions seems to have been answered pretty good.  As for bathing...Max is a fluffy and looks extremely messy when his coat is allowed to grow out to it's full length.  He goes to the groomer about every 5 weeks for a bath, trim and to have his nails done.  He still looks like a fluffy but his coat is neater.  In the winter and mud season she will trim his tummy fur a bit shorter...those low riders get really dirty bellies.  Katie goes every other time with Max.  In fact they are both going tomorrow.  Max is way over due.  I was sick for almost 2 weeks and didn't dare leave the house and then my husband had my car for 3 days.  He got into something...have no idea what but he really is a smelly dog.  I have wiped him down but it hasn't helped.

And I think we are in for a real cold winter up here in the northeast...his coat is the thickest I have ever seen it.


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