I've been looking through the forums about food for corgis, and I have seen an alarming trend.  I'm sure most people responding are trying to be helpful, but some of it seems like "guilting."  When an owner says they feed Purina Puppy Chow, it's a little unfair to trash the food.  Not everyone has the funds to feed the really high quality $40 a bag food, and no matter how much someone loves their corgi, they can only do what they can afford to do.  Just want people to remember that.  We all love our dogs, from the Purina to the Blue Buffalo feeders.

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Great post Jenny and Bradly! Food is a religion to some, please do your own research in the FAQ  and make the best decision for youself. What worked for others may not work for you. Blindly following a brand / trend / what other feed is lazy and foolish. You can always consult with a licensed professional to design a meal plan for your dog. (see faq)
Very true!  It gets a little out of control with the food discussions.  Lets face it dog parents are like children parents nobody starts with the philosphy of "how can I screw this kid/dog up the most".  LOL  ^,,^

I agree!  One of the worst comments I had personally aimed at me (and the person was trying to be kind, so I don't fault them personally--- can't recall who it was)  was "Iam's is ok if that's the best you can afford" or something like that. 


Would you do that to someone with anything else?  "Oh, Chevy's are ok if that's all you can afford."   "Oh, that neighborhood isn't too bad if it's all you can afford."   "Clothes from Target aren't too bad if you can't afford anything better."    Anyone who said those things would instantly be dismissed as a bit of a snob!


It's like Sam says:  it's a religion to some.    I take it all with a grain of salt. 

Beth, I think it was actually a comment targeted at you that helped set me off on this discussion post.  People really do get out of hand with this food discussion.  I mean, each person who is a member of this page is a member because they love their corgis (or plan on getting corgis of their own, certainly still dog lovers).  We all do what we can for our corgis, and everyone should do their best to keep this site a friendly and helpful place.

I agree.  Thing is, I'm well into middle age and confident enough in my decision-making that I don't let it get to me, but I've seen so many people post "Oh my God I was feeding XYZ and did not realize how awful it was and now I feel so bad!" or "My vet put my dog on XX Prescription Food and I looked online and realized it's awful for him!"   


And that's a shame.   


A woman I work with feeds her Boxer Beneful.  I would not personally feed that because it's got sugar in it, and almost all the protein in most recipes is from vegetables of some sort.  But she hasn't asked my opinion, and I haven't given it.   If she asked, I'd give some general terms of what I look at when I read a label (and I do read labels), but I would not trash what she feeds.   One of hers (who has since passed) had allergies and after awhile foods would bother him, and funnily enough he did well on the Beneful.  


I had a cat who lived to be 17 on Friskies Dental Diet.  She was free-fed and never overweight.  My current kitty gets nothing but "the best" based on what they are now saying about cats and carbs (even the mainstream vet community, not just online activists).   And I have to be soooo stingy with feeding her tiny portions.  Who knows, maybe she would have been a fat tub on the Friskies, too, but gosh the poor thing gets two tablespoons of dry food and one tiny can of wet a day and that's it.   And she's always trying to scrounge off of us and the dogs. 

Emmy is doing just fine on Iams. She is very healthy! But I am embarrassed to tell people that I feed my dog Iams because of all the posts on this website.
If it makes you feel any better, I feed Misty Science Diet I/d and it is the only food that does not give her almost constant runs. It gets a bad rating. She is thriving on it. I eat hot dogs too...Lol
I totally agree  Beth, but on the other hand my 8 yr old granddaughter hahah, who watches way to much tv, tells me , "Nana you need to use Blue because its the best dog food"!! so i say "well i try to get the best i can afford for my two ".. Gotta love these kids telling you whats best!
I agree 100%. We all do what we can for our dogs and also some vets or others you talk to swear by foods made by purina and science diet and have dogs who do wonderfully on the food. Its not fair to say every dog will suffer if fed a certain name brand of food. All we can really honestly say is if your dog is fed ONLY bread every day forever that's not good, but these foods are formulated by nutritionists and veterinarians to be balanced diets and to provide all the nutrition your pet needs throughout its life. I fed my first 4 dogs foods made by Purina and Science Diet and all of them lived long healthy lives. They were dogs who were over 100 lbs and I couldn't afford $50 a bag for food when they'd run out in two weeks. I also tried 2 of my big dogs on "premium" dog food and both gained HUGE amounts of weight despite me drastically lowering how much was fed. Thanks for adding some perspective to the whole food battle. People seem to be really touchy about the subject for some reason, in some cases me included! :-)

Well put.

Thanks for posting this and offering a little wider perspective.
Nicely said, Amy!


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