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http://www.buzzfeeBuzzfeed 32 superlatives of 2012  Scroll down to "Most Popular Dog".   It's at the bottom (?!?).

That's 10 million views of corgi-related content on, not 10 million views of Gwynnie, but don't read the fine print, or tell her.
Already she expects her poop to be picked up in leftover Neiman-Marcus shopping bags, and pate` de fois gras bedtime treats served on lavender-scented linen napkins.

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Ellie is willing to keep this secret from exchange for some of those bedtime treats.  Should you have any questions, you can contact her middle-man.  ;) 

Is that your attorney?

Your client will withhold this information in return for edible favors?  Blackmail.  Extortion.

Way to go Gwynnie!   Perhaps she will finally get treated in the manner to which she has always hoped to become accustomed.

She deserves it! Seriously, I knew we were nuts about Corgis, but that number still impressed me!

It could happen to a nicer Corgi!  (and a pretty good human, too).

Way to go do have to "thank" John for helping you rise to such celebrity heights:) Maybe you can share the fois gras with him at night!

Way to go Gwynnie (and John)!

Shes also the 23rd most influential corgi of 2012!



Woo hoo... Way to go Gwynnie!   

Of the 30 best dogs in 2012

two of them are corgis. I also notice a similar representation on LOL dogs

Two corgis out of 30 best-dogs-of = 6.7%  There are approximately 493 recognized dog breeds. 2 corgi breeds divided by 493 = 4 tenths of a percent. Therefore, corgis have very high standings in popularity in spite of their very low standings in stature.

However, not only are corgis (properly) seldom seen on dog shaming:

But when corgis are featured, they always steal the show with their cuteness. I therefore draw the conclusion that even though they are known for their mischievous personalities, which could easily translate into a 'dog-shaming' situation; their keen intellect and expressive eyes have worked to convince corgi owners that whatever the pup does is right and proper, and the owner is at fault in thinking the corgi's behavior might be shameful. It may also be possible that the corgis submitted to dog-shaming (as Snickers was) are really just hams looking for some limelight.


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