I have a question for everyone.  As you know, Corgis are obsessed with food and get into things they shouldn't way too often.  Well, this morning, our Corgi Lockett ate a couple of paper muffin wrappers.  Of course, she does this on Labor Day when our vet's office is closed.  My question is do we just watch her and wait for her to to pass it or should I give her some pumpkin to help her move things along.  I don't want the paper to clog her up, but I don't this warrants a trip to the emergency vet just yet.

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Was it the paper not tin foil liners? then i wouldn't worry too much...mine occasionally eat some paper. i would watch but I wouldn't make a vet trip...mine have eaten worse!
It was the paper liners.
I eat the paper muffin liners. ... And starburst wrappers. ... It's just better with the paper. ...
She'll be fine. :3
I wouldn't worry too much about paper - keep track of her bowl movements for a few days. It's more than likely that you'll see flecks/chunks of paper in them. If you see nothing, or she stops have regular bowel movements, then it's time to worry. It's definitely not the worst thing she could ingest.
She should be fine. My boy got into some christmas candy one time and ate the box wrappers and all....Our back yard was littered with silver, red and green wrappers.....I looked like we were having a tickertape parade!!! HAHAHA Corgis....you gotta love em!
I would love to see the picture of that!! HAHA!
One of our neighbors happend to drop in. He looked in the backyard and was like "what is that"? It was a little embarassing to explain. After he got done laughing his butt off I should have made a pic!
I wouldn't worry. My boy eats EVERYTHING (Rope, plastic bottle labels, pegs, paper... basically anything- although we have become lightning quick in catching him and he rarely gets anything down anymore). Just the other day he somehow swallowed part of a coke bottle label (don't even ask :) ) and when he pooped it out I couldn't have read you the dietary info of the drink!!


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