The Whole Dog Journal has an interesting article on what you can teach your dog to help you with around the house. They have a corgi getting the newspaper/mail, other dogs that sort laundry, close doors, pick up trash and other chores. If I could teach each one of my dogs to do a would be much easier:) Does anyone have their dog trained to help around the house?

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That's great. They could also close other doors....probable. Mine would most likely want to help themselves to the food in the fridge before closing the door and let themselves outside before closing the door too:(

I have 2 but since I haven't been able to teach Katie to even sit on command I don't think I could get her to do the laundry.  But then again the cat boxes are in the basement with the washer/dryer and I'm sure if she thought she could get one of those "special" chocolate treats while she was down there doing the laundry I might be able to.

Katie is my one and only total failure to train.  Talk about dumb as a box of rocks.  Tho she does know to back off to a loud NO.  Good thing she is sweet and cuddly.

Linda...maybe she is so smart that she just acts dumb????? My Bella isn't dumb by any means...I would call her "stubborn". If she wants to do it she will but will act clueless when asked to do something she doesn't want to! Just a thought!

My dogs let me know if someone walks by, they keep the floors free of food, and clean the cereal bowls so well that I threaten to just put them back in the cupboard (don't worry I don't). They also make sure that our vacuum gets a really good workout. They are so smart that I did not have to train them to do any of these chores. 

Bev, my dogs "pre-wash" the dishes in the dishwasher when given the chance!

Jane....I don't think she is so smart that she plays dumb and does it only when she wants to, or else she never wants to so never does it.  Mine would also help themselves to whatever they can reach in the fridge and the pantry before closing any doors.  Mine also want to pre-wash the stuff already in the dishwasher, I don't dare walk away if the DW door is open.


I can tell Max to leave something and be confident enough to walk away with the item still sitting there and know he won't touch it.  Katie on the other hand if I turn my back for 2 seconds she is on it.  The only things that Katie seems to understand is a sharp NO if I drop a human pill on the floor and Stand when I am brushing her.  She was in the show ring before she had puppies so I think she remembers that.

Napolean can close open doors, throw away trash, and get the remote for you ;) Although, most of the time he is a bit too lazy to get up if there's no reward involved haha

Lilliput doesn't actually do the laundry, but she does check and empty the pockets of my clothes that are waiting to be washed. She has now learned to do it without chewing through the pockets first.

Glad she learned how to empty the pockets without the holes:)

Tenby picks up every thing on the floor for me.........and shreds it into 5 more pieces.  Chepstow loves to dust the floor wiggling around on his back.........dust is gone but there is a pile of hair.  I really don't NEED their help.

Laurie...still sounds easier than doing both!

Lori trained our first corgi, Siri, to put her toys back in the toy box.  Gwynnie does the taxes and updates the dog blogs, but Al is so dumb he can't even decide which of two tennis balls to pick up.  He'll pick up one, then change his mind, drop it, and pick up the other... this continues until he realizes we're laugfhing at him, and he ges embarrassed.


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