Wynstan threw up today, and when I was cleaning up I noticed that it was just his food and it was whole. Any ideas on how to get him to actually chew his food instead of inhaling it?

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They have bowls that are made to slow dogs down. They have something in the middle of the bowl and they have to eat around it. You may also look into just putting an upside down coffee mug in his bowl, would probably work the same way.
thanks, he is miserable right now. He keeps throwing up. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the food now.
If he's throwing up a lot, I'd get him checked out by a vet. It is probably an illness and not from eating too fast if he acting miserable as you say and keeps throwing up.
After a lengthy nap, he was back to his old shenanigans. I made him eat slower at dinner time and seems to be doing fine. If he throws up any time today, we are going to the vet right when they open
Mine do this once in a great while! You can maybe just try giving him his food in 3 smaller servings one after the other with maybe a minute in between, you could hand feed a kibble or two at a time or you could get a toy that he has to work at getting the pieces out slower. I think if you can consistently slow it down then he may learn! Good luck!
Mine don't chew but we put the doberman's food in two separate bowls to slow her down. It does not bother the corgis but dobes are prone to bloat.
Why are you thinking the food? Did you change foods recently? If you did ,did you mix them for the 1st few days?
He has been on Blue Buffalo for well over a month. I was thinking the food because it came out pretty much whole, but now I am worried it is something else and the vet is closed today. I don't know what to do because every time i take him out of the crate he throws up.
Goldy did this a few days ago - I had her skip a meal and gave her some pepto - just a little in a syringe. She was fine the next day.
I have the same issue with my 5 month old corgi. I'm hoping that he'll outgrow it when all of his adult teeth grow in. Meanwhile, I'm putting some water into the food bowl so that he'll have to drink water to eat the food. I've tried putting an object in the middle of the bowl but that doesn't make him chew.
I am starting to think that Corgis were bred with vacuum cleaners


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