I take my rat terrier out for a nice long roller blade once a day. He has the energy to spare and love going. He doesn't ever slow down. He is even ready to play the second we get back from our blading. My corgi Adeeda really wants to go with us but I'm afraid she wont be able to keep up because of her little legs. So I take them out separately. However, with Adeeda I only go around the block with her because I'm afraid of hurting her legs or doing some form of damage. Does anyone else take their corgi roller blading? If so how do they do and how long do you go for?

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We walk. There are trails by my house that vary from 1 to 4 miles and we love those. The nice thing is they are happy with a short stroll around the block or a 4 mile walk. If your corgi is not still a pup she should be able to roller blade at maybe a slower pace. My neighbor runs with his corgi with no issues.
Our Chepstow loves to run, walk and swim. He would go all day if we let him. Most of the time when he is swimming or running after his ball we have to stop him and make him rest. He just doesn't seem to realize how hot and tired he is getting. We never let him in the lake without his lifejacket on. This guy will swim a mile if we let him. He has always been a very active, strong, muscular and athletic dog. He just doesn't seem to know when to rest.
Miranda loves to go off leash and chase me across the todal flats at the beach. I have not done it lately because of my work schedule and the heat. Ever fall we go out at low tide and we just run thru the puddles and salt water streams. She loves to hurd hermit crabs, and seaweed... easy pray in my opinion. She tries Seagulls but they are a little too flighty for her. So, my favorite is definately the beach and running there.
Bear in mind these dogs are big dogs in little dogs bodies and were originally bred to be working dogs, and therefore have the stamina of a horse!
It would really depend on the age of your corgi and the heat where you live, if she is over 2 years old I would say take her with you and see how she goes, I bet she loves it!
I've never roller bladed with Ella, but she loves to jog/walk/run. Give it a try and start out slow and see how she does. It seems that Ella is a sprinter, loves to run fast for a minute take a brake and go again. It could be fun to take both dogs blading together, good luck.
Dragster loves to play ball for about 30 minutes. Its good for him physically and mentally. Also if you have a local dog park go there.. Drag is always tired after :D
Loki is about the same, with use of one of them catapults. He is more a sprinter than a jogger though. I have never succeeded in outlasting him, you may have luck if yours is not working stock (Loki is working stock, not show stock.)

Don't be afraid to run your corgi, those little legs can keep up with dogs with normal legs. They aren't any slower.
How did you guys all get your corgi to run with you? I would love to take Charlie with me, and I have tried a few times to get him to go with me, we get maybe around the block and he just puts his paws out in front of him as if he is saying "enough"! I am not fast, and he keeps up with me with we go, he just seems to hate it. Do you use a harness when you take them running? I only have a collar, maybe that bugs him...
Loki won't run with me, I have to run with him. If we are running he absolutely must be chased, but he loves it so I let him be. I can't run much anyway due to nasty shin splints and flat feet.
try taking him to a park.
The first time we took Shiro to the park he just couldn't get enough of it. All the trails, trees, smells. Also, he is much faster after dipping in streams or lakes, he will run like an energizer bunny.
Harness is a good idea, I use it on long walks always. I don't know if it make difference for him, but I sure don't feel as bad about tugging and pulling if he gets too slow or distracted.
They are working dogs. They keep up just fine, if they are young. They just move those little legs faster! You should try taking Adeeda out with your other dog once and just see how she does. I bet she will do fine. My corgi herds 23 cattle around 40 acres for exercise! That's a lot running around!
I take Shiro for lots of walk and sometimes for a run in the park. Soft ground is better for his bones than concrete, he's still a puppy.
Running works out for both of us because I'm not a runner myself. We slow down and walk from time to time because I can't make him run, he does it only when he wants to. It is interesting that he speeds up when we approach where we started, because he gets to dip in the lake. He will run faster than me and constantly look back as if to make sure I can keep up.


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